What's Wraping Window?
authorAlan Franca

21 June, 2022

What is "wrapping windows"?

If you live in Massachusetts you know how harsh the weather can get. Wrapping windows can be a perfect long-term solution to keeping your heating bills and your home exterior maintenance down.

What does the term “wrapping windows” actually mean? It means that the windows will be covered or "wrapped" with "Trim Coil". It's typically done on homes where new vinyl siding is being installed.

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Trim Coil, what is that?

Trim Coil is thin sheet of aluminum or vinyl. Trim Coil is cut and bent right at the site and is applied directly over your existing trim. When installed properly trim coil provides some thermal insulation 🔥 and weather resistance ❄, not to mention it can improve the appearance of your home as it comes in multitude of colors 🏡.

Let's look at an example. In this particular vinyl siding project, the customer wanted all the windows, fascia and rake board “wrapped” with aluminum trim coil.

The worker for this kind of project must be skilled, and not only know how to bend, cut and install the product on the existing trim, but be skilled in miter cuts. Clean miter saw cuts will ensure your window is weather proof and looking b-e-a-utiful.

Look at the picture below to get an idea for how it should look. Nice miter cuts and precise curves.

Wrapping Window Before and After

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