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What is wood siding?

Wood siding is a siding made of wood that goes on the exterior of a house or any other building to protect it against the elements, such as rain, snow, sun, mold, moisture, rot, mildew, insects and so on.

This type of siding that can have many different styles is popular among the homeowners who are looking for a more natural beauty product, while is still easy to install, easy to paint or stain when needing maintenance and providing insulation at the same time.

The structure of the house is framed with wood, and over it goes a sheathing of plywood on the exterior walls. After it, house wrap is placed to protect the plywood and the framing from any possible elements before installing the wood siding.

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The Benefits of Wood Siding Replacement (installation)

If you are looking for a stunning natural look for your house, wood siding is the right choice to make a good impression on the neighborhood while still being able to bring many other benefits to your home and family.

The benefits of wood siding are the natural look, improving the appearance of your home, increasing energy efficiency, boosting home value and being eco-friendly.

Natural look

Differently from other types of sidings, wood ones are well-known to have as characteristic the natural look of wood, being advisable just to stain it to keep its good appearance.

Improving the appearance of your home

Wood can bring to a house a rustic but classic appearance, having different colors, finishes, texture and styles for every possible taste. And when it needs maintenance every few years, it can be painted or stained.

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Increasing energy efficiency

As the weather is too hot during summer and too cold during winter, it is normal to use more of our air conditioner and central heating, having a risk of spending more money in electricity bills.

However, when wood siding is covering the exterior of a house, it has insulative properties, consequently being energy saving. It prevents the heat from entering and the coolness from inside escaping during the summer and vice versa during the winter.

Boosting home value

A house covered in wood siding can help to increase the home value if you may think about selling it. When this siding is well installed, due to its beauty, resistance, minor and essential maintenance, and a high-end material, will add much in its value.

This material is considered as being durable and tough, giving a home a boost in relation to resistance against weather, swelling, splitting and bending. And, if your siding is installed by a contractor who has a great knowledge, it can also resist moisture and rot.

When a house has been built with the best materials, that will not cause any future problems to the homeowner and his pockets, because the expenses with maintenance are going to be low and the most important, the family is protected from elements.


We can consider wood siding as being a biodegradable type of siding and a material that does not require much when processing and treating it. This renewable resource is environmentally friendly.

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Wood Siding Maintenance: Keep Your Home Looking Its Best

Choosing a siding made of wood to go on the exterior of a house might require a special attention in relation to the maintenance. This biodegradable material can suffer if it is neglected due to damages caused by rain, moisture and pests.

Some regular care must be followed if you still want a house with a stunning look for many years, such as regular cleaning and sealing, repairing cracks, chips and splits, preventing rot, mold and mildew.

Regular cleaning and sealing

Regions that suffer from heavy periods of rain and snow, can be more affected by damages to their siding. It is essential to clean the gutters at least twice a year, before the winter and summer start.

Once a year is recommended to clean the whole siding with the help of a brush and water with soap. Or, if the siding has too much dirt, a power wash can be used to do the job, but always taking care to not damage the wood.

Repairing cracks, chips, and splits

Every few years and after periods of harsh climates, repair or replace some parts of your wood siding must be done to avoid big problems to the structure of a house and even the family.

Some periods of the year can be experienced with severe winters, wet springs, hot summers and cold falls again, leading to cracks, chips and splits due to changes of temperature and a high level of moisture.

It is extremely important to replace and restrain any part of the siding that is damaged, as soon as possible and is recommended to have this job done by a professional that has the right skills to remove the damaged parts and not damage the good ones.

Preventing rot, mold, and mildew

Other things that might affect a wooden siding are rot, mold and mildew if it is not maintained, installed and stained properly.

Preventing is just a question of cleaning your siding and if your siding is already suffering from it, clean the area using a solution of fungus-killing cleanser.

Rot and mold can be maintained out of your siding by re-caulking around doors and windows, so it will keep water out of its structure. Any gap that exists will be a gate for water to get in, so it is important to inspect every year and clean and seal up any gaps with caulk.

Franca Services: Wood Siding Contractors for Replacement, Installation or Maintenance at Massachusetts near you

Looking for contractors that work with wooden siding making installation, replacement or just maintenance in Massachusetts or near you? We, Franca Services, will be extremely pleased to help you!

You can trust our team of experts that will be working with the proper measurements and installation techniques, high-quality materials and finishes and expertise in dealing with complex angles and curves.

We're proud to offer our customers the best possible service and craftsmanship in the business, and we're always happy to answer any questions you may have about your wood siding project.

Wood Siding Before and After

Pat Henderson - Testimonial

After we completed an addition, we hired Franca services to replace our old chipped wood siding and trim with hardie plank siding and PVC trim.

Our house is old and 3 stories so there are a lot of angles and unique spots. Franca came in and did a tremendous job.

We did this work from Jan-Feb, the team was here every day at 630am before it was bright out and left when it got dark, they worked through brutally cold days and the end result was amazing. If you're considering using them, dont have any doubts, they're the team to trust.

Wood Siding Before and After - Andrea Timbre

Andrea & Timbre B. // Brighton MA

It’s being such a pleasure working with you and your company and we could not be happier with the finished product at our house.

The siding, gutters and paint job all look fantastic and your crew of workers could not have been more pleasant or harder working.

Josi is the best! Coordinating all of the logistics with her was seamless. We have done a lot of work on our house and we never had on experience this good.

"They did an excellent job. They are very professional to deal with and finished the job ahead of schedule on our budget. I highly recommend Franca Services to anyone." - Denise S.


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