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Trex composite decking is the world’s #1 decking brand, and the inventor of wood-alternative composite decking. Because your weekends should be spent relaxing on your deck, not repairing it. Trex decks will not rot, warp, crack or be devoured by termites. Period.

In fact, while all Trex decking and railing products offer a 25-Year Limited Residential Warranty against material defects, their high-performance lines add an additional layer of coverage with a 25-Year Limited Residential Fade and Stain Warranty.

Designed with lasting beauty, incredible durability and easy maintenance, there’s no compromising with high-performance composite decking. That’s why high-performance composite is the only type of decking Trex makes.

Everyone loves the natural look of wood but hates all the painting, staining and sealing. Wood decks of all types, including pressure-treated wood, ipe, cedar or redwood, require extensive upkeep.

Trex was designed with the beauty of wood decking, but not all the maintenance. Trex’s high-performance, eco-friendly composite boards withstand years of sun, sleet and snow, keeping their rich color.

What's The Difference Between Trex Decking & Composite

Having a deck at home is an advantage for the whole family who lives in that house and those friends and relatives that will enjoy it as well.

When building a new deck or doing a deck replacement when it is necessary, it must be considered the use of best-quality materials, those which last longer, require less maintenance, have a great variety of colors to match with the homeowner’s taste and will provide a great finish.

Thinking about all these points we have brought, boards made of composite fit perfectly on these characteristics. In its composition there are recycled plastic film and reclaimed wood fibers, giving to the deck a look as if it was made of wood but without the cons of it.

The most well-known brand of composite deck is TREX decking, and a lot of people request to have TREX boards without knowing that it is a brand of composite decking because of its extreme quality.

The difference between TREX decking and any other composite decking is the technology around a TREX board; offering a high-performance, weather resistant, fade and stain resistant as well, ensuring that it will not lose its color for decades.

Other brands of composite decking can suffer discoloration and fade over time, being necessary to clean and repaint them every few years, and they might be susceptible to mold, mildew, and scratch.

Trex Decking Project Boston

For this deck project seen in the picture above, we worked specifically with Trex Decking materials.

We are always happy when a customer is satisfied with how the project is turning out.

On occasion a client is so pleased with the progress of their current project that they decide to get an estimate for additional work around the house before we wrap things up.

This was the case with this Hudson, MA client, whose home was undergoing a complete installation of Crane Premium Pointe 360 vinyl siding, as well as an application of beautiful Versetta Stone Veneer on the chimney, seen below...

Making the deck appear largen

The customer had been sketching ideas for a small landing deck at the back door of the dwelling, but wasn’t quite satisfied that the concept was exactly what they wanted.

After reviewing customer’s deck sketches, we had a few suggestions that would make this project come to life: Making the deck appear larger than its actual size and creating a secure railing for the steps were the priorities.

Customer’s original idea was to build two individual staircases allowing for easy access from all directions.

However, we suggested that leading to the landing with one open set of stairs could serve the same purpose, and simultaneously give the deck a larger visual appearance.

Our customer really liked the idea, and they were ever more pleased to hear that substantially less railing would be required, thus reducing the overall cost of the project.

With an agreement made, we constructed the deck and stairs with ultra-durable, low maintenance Trek Transcend Decking, and you can see that the finished product came out as planned. We love it when a plan comes together.

The new stairs and landing along with the new back deck complement the home’s exterior, and the contrasting white hues on the risers truly create a standout look

Trex Deck Finished
Trex Decking Project
Trex Decking Project Boston
Trex Decking Project Completed

Importance of choosing the right decking color for your outdoor space

The most important thing when a new deck is built or an old one is replaced is to choose the right color it has to be. We have to take into account some factors that will influence when picking the right one.

As we think about the color, the principal factor is to ask if the chosen one fits the style of the house and at the same time with the homeowner’s personal style as well; and as composite decking is a long-lasting material, it might be better to decide on a more neutral color.

The first point is to choose a composite decking color that will complement the siding beautifully, not one that will detract from the beauty. We recommend picking one with little contrast, not one that is exactly the same color, because it will “disappear”.

Obviously, there are some colors which are in fashion nowadays, like warmer tones, such as shades of brown and grey. These neutral colors are the trends because they can match easily with any style of architecture and sidings.

This outdoor living space is open to a lot of dirt, due to its exposure to the weather and maybe to the traffic over the composite decking boards. So, another point to analyze is if the decking color is a medium tone, the dirt will be hidden compared to a light one.

To conclude, the last point to consider when choosing a color is how exposed a deck will be to the sun. If it will be for long periods under sunlight, it is advisable to pick one light color, so it is going to absorb less heat and dark ones, bringing comfort.

What colors is Trex available in: list of available Trex decking colors?

TTREX is a brand that offers decking products with a higher performance, so it will not suffer from rot, warp or splinter and they are developed to have an easy installation.

Besides this, their products are eco-friendly, being made of 95% recycled plastic film and reclaimed sawdust, combining with a long-lasting beauty.

Apart from providing materials of an extreme quality that are budget friendly, this brand has 5 collections with a great variety of color for every taste, they are:

  • Trex Signature
  • Trex Transcend Lineage
  • Trex Transcend Composite
  • Trex Select Composite
  • Trex Enhance Composite
  • Trex Signature

    This collection is a new one that offers luxury with a distinct design. As its durability is over 50 years, it has a warranty against fade and stain, that is why its price is more expensive than the other collections.

    This composite decking is environmentally friendly and offers 2 Trex colors, Whidbey, a shade of grey, and Ocracoke, a shade of brown.


    Whidbey Trex Signature


    Ocracoke Trex Signature

    Trex Transcend Lineage

    One of the greatest advantages of this collection is its technology of keeping the deck cooler even if the day is one of the hottest and being resistant against fade, stain, scratch and mold and it is necessary just to clean it using water and soap.

    It can be a little bit more expensive than other lines, but it lasts longer, and it is important to think on long terms.

    They offer 4 beautiful colors: Biscayne, a light coastal brown, Rainer, airy and mountain grey, Carmel, a softy and creamy taupe, and Jasper, a deep shade of mocha.


    Biscayne Trex Transcend


    Rainer Trex Transcend


    Carmel Trex Transcend


    Jasper Trex Transcend

    Trex Transcend Composite

    Another collection of Trex Transcend, it has almost the same characteristics as the Transcend Lineage collection, except for not having the technology of keeping the deck cooler on hot sunny days. Besides this, they offer more color options.

    The options of colors are divided into two sub-collections, the first one is Premium Tropicals colors, and it has 5 available colors, such as Havana Gold, a warm brown, Island Mist, cool medley of calming silver, Lava Rock, rich reddish-black undertones, Spiced Rum, a burnt umber with onyx black lowlights, and Tiki Torch, featuring hints of nutmeg and ginger.

    Besides the sub-collection Premium Tropicals, there are the Classic Earth Tones colors with 3 available colors, such as Gravel Path, a stony pastoral lane, Rope Swing, a pale, sandy taupe, and Vintage Lantern, a deeply burnished brown.

    Trex Transcend Composite - Premium Tropicals

    Havana Gold

    Havana Gold Trex Transcend

    Island Mist

    Island Mist Trex Transcend

    Lava Rock

    Lava Rock Trex Transcend

    Spiced Rum

    Spiced Rum Trex Transcend

    Tiki Torch

    Tiki Torch Trex Transcend

    Trex Transcend Composite - Classic Earth Tones

    Gravel Path

    Gravel Path Trex Transcend

    Rope Swing

    Rope Swing Trex Transcend

    Vintage Lantern

    Vintage Lantern Trex Transcend

    Trex Select Composite

    Trex Select is a collection that has a high performance, standing up to weather and being resistant to stains and mold, more than traditional composite decking. And it is not a very expensive material.

    As all the other collections, Trex Select is made of 95% recycled plastic film and reclaimed sawdust and it has 35 years of limited residential fade and stain warranty.

    This line offers 5 colors that are inspired in the nature, providing a soft mood and a splinter-free finish; they are:

  • Pebble Grey, light heather grey
  • Winchester Grey, dark and inky charcoal
  • Select Saddle, sunny medium brown
  • Woodland Brown, an umber hue
  • Madeira, a rich auburn
  • Pebble Grey

    Pebble Gray Trex Select Composite

    Winchester Grey

    Winchester Grey Trex Select Composite

    Select Saddle

    Select Saddle Trex Select Composite

    Woodland Brown

    Woodland Brown Trex Select Composite


    Madeira Trex Select Composite

    Trex Enhance Composite

    The last collection of decking boards is Trex Enhance, this is the cheapest one, but does not mean that its quality is not good enough. These boards are still made of 95% recycled materials and it has a 25 years of limited residential fade and stain warranty.

    Apart from the price, these enhanced boards are scalloped making them as lightweight as lumber, and it is long-lasting requiring little maintenance.

    This collection comes in 7 different colors that are divided into Naturals and Basics.

    The 4 Naturals colors are: Foggy Wharf, a salty grey hue with shades of dark silver, Rocky Harbor, sandy undertones to a rustic slate grey, Toasted Sand, a tawny seashell brown with subtle dark-brown splashes, and Coastal Bluff, a medley of earthy taupe hues.

    The 3 Basics colors are: Beach Dune, an easy-to-match shade of light brown, Enhance Saddle, an easy-to-match shade of medium brown, and Clam Shell, shade of medium grey.

    Trex Enhance Composite – Naturals

    Foggy Wharf

    Foggy Wharf Trex Enhance Composite

    Rocky Harbor

    Rocky Harbor Trex Enhance Composite

    Toasted Sand

    Toasted Sand Trex Enhance Composite

    Coastal Bluff

    Coastal Bluff Trex Enhance Composite

    Trex Enhance Composite – Basics

    Beach Dune

    Beach Dune Trex Enhance Composite

    Enhance Saddle

    Enhance Saddle Trex Enhance Composite

    Clam Shell

    Clam Shell Trex Enhance Composite

    How do I choose a Trex deck color?

    We know that among the vast variety of colors and its shades it can be very difficult to choose the best Trex color to a deck, one that matches with the family’s taste and goes perfectly with the type of siding their house has.

    It can be easier to pick the right color by taking into account the exterior color of your home and think about the architecture style of your home and which color fits better with it.

    As it is difficult to have a perfect idea of each color looking just an image on the computer, if you visit Trex’s website, you will see that you are able to order samples for $5 to have a better idea.

    Besides this, Trex’s website offers a tool called “Trex Color Selector”, which shows you their array of composite decking colors and you are able to see ideas of how the decking boards look in use.

    What is the most popular color of Trex decking?

    As we have already said, Trex decking is the most popular brand of composite decking in the last few decades. Its superior quality does not need seasonal painting or staining. Also, it will not rot, splinter, fade or warp.

    Another great advantage is the array of beautiful colors, matching any taste. During this year, 2023, the most popular colors are those with shades of brown and grey, a natural color that goes with all sidings.

    The 5 most popular Trex decks colors are:

  • Island Mist
  • Select Saddle
  • Tiki Torch
  • Spiced Rum
  • Pebble Grey
  • Island Mist

    It is a Trex Transcend Composite - Premium Tropicals color and it offers a beautiful and calming look for the outdoor space of your home. It has a grey shade with silver tones, like a tropical hardwood.

    Select Saddle

    It is a Trex Select Composite and it has a shade of sunny-brown, being extremely beautiful, requiring less maintenance. Select Saddle offers a superior stain and fade resistance.

    Tiki Torch

    It is also part of a Trex Transcend Composite - Premium Tropicals and is another popular choice among the homeowners of Trex decking colors. It has a light shade of brown, featuring a warm and earthy shade of reddish-brown.

    Spiced Rum

    Spiced Rum is also part of a Trex Transcend Composite - Premium Tropicals collection and its beauty is due to hints of ginger, bringing a natural vibrancy with luxury.

    Pebble Grey

    This color belongs to the Trex Select Composite collection and it is the most common shade of grey among the homeowners. It can be just a simple tone of grey, but it goes very well with white and blue types of siding and with black railings.

    What color Trex is coolest?

    The coolest collection is Trex Transcend Lineage Composite Decking! These decking boards were developed with a technology that keeps your deck in a cooler temperature even in the middle of hot sunny days.

    Although, it is important to remember that this line was engineered to be cooler than other Trex collections, but it can still get hot, being necessary to pay attention and take care to not burn yourself and your family when on the deck surface.

    Why use Composite Deck Materials?

    Composite Decking is more affordable and versatile than any other decking material.

    It is fast becoming the preferred upgrade for homeowners looking to replace an aging wood deck or enhance the appearance of their entire property.

    From composite decking to railings, we offer only the highest quality, high value products for your next outdoor remodeling project.

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    Whether you need a completely new deck built, repair or replacement of an existing or simple maintenance, you can count on us. This also includes construction.

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    We're proud to offer comprehensive deck replacement and installation services in and around Greater Boston Area.

    Trex Decks with Franca Services

    Franca has been a company that works only with the best-quality materials, and it is not different in relation to Trex ones! We have been building many decks with it.

    Our team knows exactly how to install Trex composite decking boards and which one is the best for you.

    We hope this article was useful to you and to your doubts, whether you want to know more about Trex decking boards or need help to choose the right trex decking color to your house, we will be happy to give assistance to you!

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