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Vinyl Siding Installation in Boston MA

Looking for a new siding option for your home?

We provide vinyl siding installation and replacement siding services.

Our experienced team have been installing vinyl siding in Boston, MA and surrounding areas for over 19 years.

In our experience, vinyl siding provides a cost effective and maintenance-free home exterior.

With so many different types of vinyl siding, it can be difficult to determine which will best fit your budget and needs.

Fortunately, our team of knowledgeable installers can help you make an informed decision.

Vinyl Lap Siding Contractors

Certainteed Vinyl Lap Siding

CertainTeed vinyl siding offers exceptional durability with an industry-leading spectrum of fade-resistant colors and a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Warm tones like red, yellow, and brown give your home a welcoming feel.

Monogram Vinyl Siding

Monogram Vinyl Siding

Monogram was the first siding to offer unique, darker shades along with an industry-leading spectrum of colors that is backed with lifetime fade protection.

Lap Vinyl Siding

Lap Vinyl Siding

The simple lines and ease of installation have made vinyl lap siding the most popular cladding for homes.

Lap Siding features long, flat boards that overlap to shed water and prevent it from reaching the walls.

Wood lap siding is a popular choice for those who are looking for quality building materials that are durable, as well as provide beauty and value for a home or place of business.

Craneboard Insulated Siding Installation

Craneboard Insulated Siding Installation

CraneBoard is insulated siding designed for energy efficiency and excellent moisture management.

It reduces thermal conductivity, absorbs and reflects radiant heat and is available in 6″ and 7″ profiles. Due to its high-quality coating, craneboard siding offers you the best insulation available on the market.

Why Choose Vinyl Siding for Your Home?

Vinyl siding is cost-effective to install, is designed to last, and makes a beautiful statement with a minimum of upkeep.

Vinyl siding promises exceptional wind resistance and color fade prevention, and it will be around for years to come!


Vinyl siding comes in a variety of styles and colors, including panels that imitate the look of traditional wood and scalloped panels that add character to your home’s architecture. On top of that many vinyl siding products are UV-resistant, guaranteeing that your home’s beautiful colors won’t fade in the sun.


Vinyl shingles might not look it, but are extremely durable. Many homeowners prefer vinyl because it is can withstand years of wear and tear from the elements, even in harsher climates. It does not absorb moisture, impervious to insects, is less likely to warp or crack, and can withstand wind velocities of more than 200 miles per hour.


Vinyl siding is great for reflecting heat and reducing thermal conductivity to keep your home cool in the hot summer months. It is also heavily insulated to trap warmth inside during the wintertime. By investing in vinyl, you can rely less on your heating and cooling system and ultimately save money on your monthly energy bill.


Because it is lightweight and can be constructed over existing materials, vinyl siding installation is incredibly simple. Maintaining it is even easier. Vinyl is a low-maintenance material that can be washed clean with just a garden hose and some soap, and it doesn’t need to be painted again and again.


Finally, on top of all the benefits outlined above, vinyl siding is extremely affordable. In fact, it has the lowest total installation and life-cycle cost of any exterior cladding.

Monogram Vinyl Siding
Wood Siding To Vinyl Siding
Insulated Vinyl Siding Replacement
Replaced Siding Vinyl and Stone Veneer
Replacement Siding Complete Fiber Cement
Vinyl Siding Installers

Vinyl Siding installers needed?

If you need vinyl siding installers in Greater Boston Area that you can trust, look no further than the professionals at Franca Services.

We are your local vinyl siding company that specializes in both residential and commercial properties.

Whether you live in Northborough, Southborough, Wayland, Wellesley, Weston, Westborough or any of the other great towns and cities in Central MA, we are here to serve you.

We take pride in our workmanship and stand behind every job we do.

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"They did an excellent job. They are very professional to deal with and finished the job ahead of schedule on our budget. I highly recommend Franca Services to anyone. " - Denise S.


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