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You want your windows to look great and perform like they should. Whether you're looking for a new window or replacement window options, you've come to the right place. From traditional hung to high-performance, Franca Services has a window solution to fit the look of any room in your house, inside or out.


We are committed to providing you with the best quality windows that will last for seasons.

We offer:

Vinyl Windows, Wood Windows, Fiberglass Windows

Today’s surplus of energy-efficient window replacements make it easy to transform the look and feel of your residence. Regardless of your budget or your particular home’s construction, we can help you find the right replacement windows to suit your needs and keep money in your pocket.

Old windows tend to leak, allowing both water and air to penetrate indoors, and you can lose up to 40% of winter heating and 50% of summer cooling annually. Replacing your windows can make a huge difference to the energy savings and the temperature of the rooms in your house. Shopping for replacement windows can be overwhelming, there are many styles, materials and window technologies to choose from, and if you don’t know where to start Franca Services can help! 

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Vinyl Windows

When it comes to new construction windows or replacements, vinyl is a top choice because they are affordable, versatile, low-maintenance, never rot, and rarely require more than a gentle washing. At Franca Services, we take pride in offering premium, vinyl window replacements from Simonton – a leader in the industry. With an impressive array of interior and exterior finish selections, dynamic hardware colors, and nearly endless energy-efficient glass options, Simonton Windows can bring comfort and beauty to any home.

Wood Windows

Add stunning light. Transform your home’s exterior appeal. Enhance your interior decoration. And, of course, greatly improve your home’s energy efficiency. Choose your interior and exterior colors, styles and accessories from the impressive array of options.

Fiberglass Windows

At Franca Services, we want to offer to our customers more strength, durability and performance windows. These benefits are offered by Integrity from Marvin Windows. Integrity Marvin Fiberglass Window is made with Ultrex: tough, dependable, non-corrosive and low-maintenance and it’s 8 times stronger than vinyl.

Interior Casing

An important part of a new construction window project is picking the right interior wood casing.  There are many options available to give your windows the final touch they need to look great.

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What is the difference between "Replacement Windows" and "New Construction Windows"?

Replacement Windows:
Replacement windows are designed to fit inside the existing window frame once the original window sashes are removed; there is no need to remove the interior casing and exterior casing. This makes for a very neat and faster installation.

A replacement window option will allow you to get latest window performance features while preserving the original frame, exterior trim and interior casing.

New Construction Window:
New construction windows require the entire window frame to be removed along with all interior casing and all exterior casing as well. Therefore the opening can be enlarged/diminished to create more replacement options. All the interior and exterior casing (trim) will be replaced.

If you would like to change the size or shape of your window, the new construction will be the appropriate option.


The benefits of replacement windows are endless

More than just natural light, replacement windows can help you control temperature and energy losses. With new insulation and triple pane glass your replacement windows can help keep you warm and save you money on utility bills. You’ll love more than just the view; new windows will improve your home’s curb appeal and curb value. If there is ever a time to make a positive change for your home, it’s now! 



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