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Everlast Siding

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Vinyl Siding Installation in Boston MA

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Everlast is one of the more revolutionary materials in the siding market these days. What makes this PVC siding unique is that it uses a triple-composite formula:

polymer resins, inorganic minerals, and acrylic colorants. The combination results in a reliable and durable product that will protect your home for years to come.

Everlast Siding is the easy-to-install siding of choice for our customers in Greater Boston Area.

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Everlast Siding

  • Everlast siding forever eliminates painting and caulking;
  • Everlast siding is virtually impervious to water;
  • Everlast siding never bows, warps, splits, or swells;
  • Everlast siding is highly resistant to fading and discoloration;
  • Everlast siding is insect-resistant;
  • Everlast siding is ideal for wet and harsh climates.
Everlast Siding Colors

Everlast Siding Colors

Everlast plank siding's rich authenticity matches the beautiful look and feel of natural wood. Available in 15 warm tones with a rich textured grain.

Whether your home needs a complete exterior remodel, or simply a new look for the front of your home, Everlast siding is your best choice.

It's lifetime limited warranty and advanced composite clap board texture creates the most rich and natural look of any manmade clap board siding product.

Everlast Siding Boston Contractors

Protect your home

With Advanced Composite Siding, innovation combines with the beauty of real wood to give you a beautiful surface that stands up to wind, rain and more.

With an EverLast® Lifetime Limited Warranty, one of our experts would be happy to help you determine which product is best for your home.

We are confident that you can't find a better siding value!

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Less than half the weight of fiber cement siding

There are no special tools required. Everlast siding is less than half the weight of fiber cement and produces no harmful dust when cut.

Everlast Lap Siding’s EZStack joinery ensures a speedy and level installation and you can install planks from left to right or vice versa.

And one-piece Everlast Board & Batten, with an integral batten, speeds installation.

Everlast installs with virtually any pocketed trim package and flashing at seams is not required. And, again, there’s no caulking or painting.

"They did an excellent job. They are very professional to deal with and finished the job ahead of schedule on our budget. I highly recommend Franca Services to anyone. " - Denise S.


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