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Engaging a deck builder in Boston MA should be your top choice for an efficient, visually pleasing job with a guarantee that shields you and your loved ones from future issues.

Due to the severe weather circumstances in Boston, with intense heat in the summer and harsh cold in the winter, it's advisable to plan your deck project between the months of March-May and September-November.

With over 19 years of experience in the field, our establishment, Franca Services, boasts proficiency in constructing and replacing decks. Our exceptional deck builder and robust deck services have marked our journey thus far. Remaining true to our roots, we've consistently focused on customer satisfaction, intending to bring smiles to our clientele's faces. Whether it's a composite deck or a wood deck installation that you're after, our talented deck constructors are ready to serve. We have been fortunate to be considered among the leading Composite Deck builders, Trex Composite Deck builders, Timbertech Azek Deck builders, and Wood Deck builders.

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How do I find a good deck builder near me at Boston?

The initial and most crucial step prior to engaging a deck builder involves acquiring an in-depth understanding of their work and expertise. The construction or deck replacement should be managed by a professional who possesses the appropriate knowledge, techniques, expertise, and effectiveness.

Endorsements are critical when selecting a deck constructor. It's beneficial to check online reviews and inquire for references from their past customers or those living nearby. Always request to view images of the deck installation they've completed in the past.

Typically, the longevity of a deck builder enterprise in the industry reveals much about their expertise! This duration indirectly indicates that the company has been consistently enhancing their working methodologies and tactics over the years to maintain their standing.

Deck building before and after. Get a Quote Right Now

Querying about vital legal paperwork, prerequisites for handling construction jobs, and liability insurance, including workmen's compensation, is a crucial aspect to keep in mind when selecting an appropriate deck builder. This ensures that you remain exempt from any troubles should any accidents occur.

Engaging a local service guarantees immediate help should any complications arise. Furthermore, face-to-face conversations regarding the project's crucial details can be made simpler when you have a deck builder in Boston nearby.

What time of year is best to build a deck at Boston MA?

The ideal time to engage in deck installation in Boston is in the periods of both spring and fall, typically between the months of March to May and again from September to November. The reason being, the temperatures during these intervals are neither excessively hot nor frigid.

Periods of severe weather can drastically impact the state and integrity of the materials used by deck builders. Extreme heat can trigger expansion while intense cold may result in contraction. If deck installation occurs under such conditions, the quality of the materials can be compromised, causing an inferior finish. Furthermore, this could lead to deck replacement due to damage. This is true whether it's a wood deck, a composite deck, or specific types constructed by Trex Composite Deck builders, Timbertech Azek Deck builders, or Wood Deck builders. Franca Services is well aware of these challenges and ensures to provide top-quality deck services backed by skilled deck constructors.

What materials are used?

The process of constructing a new deck or transforming an old one leverages specific materials, which are tailored to the homeowners' taste and financial capacity. We utilize Pressure Treated wood and galvanized metals for the framing materials due to their sturdy resistance against diverse weather conditions. For the finishing materials, the choice oscillates between Pressure Treated wood or Composite depending on the aesthetic appeal you desire. Nonetheless, both options render your deck spectacular.

Deck Installation by Composite Deck Builders in Boston:

Composite decking panels, manufactured from wood fibres and plastic, provide an enticing wood-like appearance but without its natural flaws. Though slightly pricier than natural wood, they're cost-effective in the long-run, given their low maintenance needs.

A simple regimen of soap and water cleaning enhances their longevity remarkably. This eco-conscious material, crafted from recycled materials, withstands rot, insects, moisture, cracks - and offers diverse colors and textures that cater to varied tastes and budgets. At Franca Services in Boston and surrounding cities, we provide superior deck services featuring top-tier brands of composite decks.

Trex Composite Deck Building Services in Boston:

The landmark unveiling of Trex decking material in 1996 heralded a significant transition from conventional wood decking to composite materials. The Trex name has permeated the composite decking industry so much that homeowners have begun to use the two terms interchangeably, often calling composite decking by the brand name Trex. However, while Trex is a well-known brand name in the arena of composite decking, numerous other manufacturers now produce a variety of products in this category. The industry has seen a proliferation of competing brands that equal, or even exceed, the durability and trustworthiness of Trex.

Franca Services, having years of experience, excels as a deck constructor specializing in the installation of Trex composite decks in Boston. We adhere strictly to brand-related procedures.

Timbertech Azek Deck Construction in Boston MA:

AZEK, uniquely molded from PVC, sets it apart from Trex - a capped composite material. AZEK’s notably lighter weight and unique feel make it an appealing choice. Comparing the surface sheen - AZEK exudes a glossier finish than the matte sheen of Trex’s capped composites.

Ordering samples of both materials for side by side evaluation can simplify your selection process.

For several years, Franca Services has been delivering top-notch deck building services in Boston, adhering to all procedural and quality standards of the Timbertech Azek Deck brand.

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Wood Deck Construction in Boston MA:

The timeless appeal of wood deck remains a favorite for those seeking natural beauty. However, when it comes to durability, it may not be as popular as composite boards. Regular sealing and staining of wood boards enhance their resistance to moisture, potential rotting and unfavorable weather conditions while preserving their appeal.

Wood decks are a cost-effective choice that offers natural beauty, quality and relief from summer heat. Trust none other than Franca Services, a specialist in wood decking services in Boston, for ensuring that your wood deck project is aesthetically pleasing and safe.

Deck Builders around Boston Massachusetts:

Franca Services, a renowned name for deck services in Boston and its vicinity, guarantees excellence in newly constructed decks and replaced ones, unfailingly delighting clients with superior service.

Our highly skilled contractors, trained in executing tasks efficiently and resolving challenges, deliver top-notch service using quality materials sourced from trusted suppliers. We ensure affordability without compromising on quality.

We strictly abide by all regulatory requirements, including holding valid permits, liability insurance and workers' compensation.

Our deck services adhere to the three essential inspections: footing inspection, framing inspection, and final inspection.

To renovate an old deck or construct a new one, get in touch with us for a quote or any queries. We assure quality service at competitive prices.

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"I envisioned an enhancement of my outdoor space and was in search of local expertise in Trex deck building within Boston, MA. Franca Services emerged as the best option after obtaining quotations from multiple construction companies. Consistent in their promises from the initial meeting through to the project completion, the team delivered a captivating Trex deck that matched my expectations. A hearty commendation for the exceptional work of the Franca team!"


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