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What is siding for a house?

Siding is a material that goes on the exterior walls of a house, not just to give a good look, but to give protection against exposure to the elements. When a siding has been installed, it is capable of creating a barrier against rain, snow and severe winds.

In addition, having this material covering a house can prevent heat loss from the inside and also keeps dirt, mildew, moisture and insects away.

A siding job consists of two kinds of work, they can be siding installation or siding replacement.

fiber cement siding

Siding Installation

This type of job is done when a new house is being built or when there is no siding covering the exterior of an existing house.

After building the whole frame of a house, plywood sheets are nailed to the frame, but, as it is not resistant to water and other elements, it does not offer the right protection a family needs; a siding does!

A siding installation is done from the bottom to the top with the help of nails that are resistant to rust, galvanized ones. Each part must overlap the other, so water does not penetrate the sheeting.

As it is extremely important to install siding correctly so it can perform in the right way, it is advisable to hire a company that has the knowledge of working with this material, to avoid any serious potential problems to the frame.

siding install and replacement

Siding Replacement

Whereas, if building a house is not your case, you must pay attention to your siding lifespan. Depending on the material that currently covers a house, a siding replacement might be required.

Another case of replacing a siding is when your current one is suffering from cracks, warps, rot, stripping, holes, moisture or mildew. To avoid any worst headache, the sooner these problems are repaired, the safer your house and family are.

Sidings can have different materials, shapes, sizes, textures and colors, whether you are building a brand new house for your family or replacing your old siding due to some serious problems.

There are a lot of options for your personal styles, and we can assure you that it will bring a lot of advantages to your home.

What are the different types of siding?

fiber cement siding before after

Here are the most common types of sidings used among homeowners: vinyl siding, wood siding and fiber cement siding:

Vinyl Siding

Sidings made of vinyl are the most common around houses because it is a durable material that requires little or even no maintenance, just needing to wash up with water and soap.

Another advantage of choosing vinyl siding is the uncountable options of colors and styles and as the color almost doesn’t fade, it might never be repainted.

Wood Siding

This rustic wood siding is the right choice for homeowners that are looking for an appearance natural and beautiful for their home, offering a variety of styles and sizes, such as: board and batten, shakes, shingles, and clapboards.

Wood boards require a little bit more maintenance than other types of siding, especially if you want it to last longer, avoiding any possible cracks, warp, split and peeling.

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is that advisable option if you want versatility to the exterior of your house, looking like other traditional sidings as wood, stone, brick, or stucco, all depending on your personal style.

This siding has a great durability, requiring little effort to maintain it. Cleaning the siding is a task that can be done every 6 to 12 months, basically using a garden hose.

The benefits of working with a local siding contractor near me

If you are planning to put a brand-new siding over your house or to replace your old one, we recommend you hire essentially a local siding contractor, someone that is nearer to you.

The closer the local contractor is to you, the better benefits you get, like: save money, consultations and inspections, personalized experience, knowledge of local building codes and respond quickly to any issues.

Save Money

Hiring a local contractor is not just a question of saving money immediately, but in the long term indeed. When choosing someone from another region, they can consider in the cost of their services, the prices of their daily journeys to your house.

Consultations and inspections

If you have some doubts about some previous work from a local contractor, it is quick to go and check in person their jobs and to take recommendations from their other customers, we know good feedback is everything we need to have no doubts anymore.

Personalized experience

Sometimes there is a necessity to keep in touch with our siding contractor and if they are located next to us, this communication can happen easily and frequently whenever you want.

Knowledge of local building codes

When we speak about installing or replacing a new siding over a house, a siding contractor must pay attention carefully to the climate that region is exposed to.If you live in a dry or humid region, this might require a specific method of working and a siding made of a specific material, to ensure the job will be perfectly done.

Respond quickly to any issues

Unfortunately, problems will always exist, and we can be exposed to them any time, and when there is an emergency, we need repairs as soon as possible, in some cases immediately, so it doesn’t get worse.

For those cases of immediate solution, if we hired a company that is not a local one, the damage would get worse, transforming a small problem into a big one just because you didn’t get the prompt response to an emergency.

Having a local siding contractor after a period of severe climate, like storms, winds and snow, is the well-welcome help you need, someone faster and committed to a team of extreme quality.

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