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Hardiplank Siding vs. Wood or Vinyl Siding in Massachusetts

Many homeowners in New England are opting for Hardiplank siding these days as a practical choice for busy lifestyles and cost-efficiency.

Many homeowners in New England are opting for Hardiplank siding these days as a practical choice for busy lifestyles and cost-efficiency. This is because Hardiplank requires less maintenance, lasts longer, has a higher safety rating, and has a greater return on investment than other exterior siding products made of wood or vinyl.

The fiber cement siding made by James Hardie Industries comes with one of the best warranties in the world of exterior siding.

The manufacturer is able to offer such a warranty because their product is resistant to both rotting and insects, and it can withstand salt spray in coastal environments – a big plus for those of us in Massachusetts. Hardiplank siding can actually be custom manufactured for any climate, to ensure durability in extreme temperatures, snow, rain, ice, and hail. Vinyl siding is fairly durable as well, but it cannot be customized for specific climates. Wood siding is especially vulnerable to rotting and harsh weather conditions.

In addition, Hardiplank siding can be customized to achieve nearly any desired look, including both shingle and clapboard styles. Color choice is nearly unlimited, color preservation is included in the warranty, and you can change the color of your siding at any time by repainting it. Wood requires more frequent maintenance and repainting, and vinyl cannot be repainted. Well actually you can paint vinyl siding, but only with proper prep work and by using vinyl-safe paints.

Hardiplank siding is significantly more fire resistant than wood or vinyl, as it is composed of mostly sand and cement products. This composition is also what makes the product incredibly resistant to harsh weather and storms. Many homeowners have seen high returns on investment with Hardiplank siding. And often times, insurance companies will offer discounts for homes with Hardiplank siding because of its strong resistance to damage from elements like weather and fire.

As with any product, Hardiplank siding does have its cons.

From a contractor’s point of view, it is a little more difficult to install than wood or vinyl because it weighs more, and because it requires a more specialized tool and skill set. Hence, the installation process is more labor-intensive, and the installation and labor costs are significantly higher. While this is a larger time frame than wood siding, the cost of repainting is still greater than repainting wood. When choosing a contractor to install your Hardiplank siding, be sure you use a company with strong references that follow all manufacturers’ instructions. If the installation is done improperly, your product warranty may become invalid.

Cost aside, Hardiplank siding is a better overall product than wood or vinyl. Not only will this product stand up to the elements. It is also highly customizable from an aesthetic point of view, and it is extremely desirable within the housing market. If you’re willing and able to pay the higher premium, Hardiplank will undoubtedly be worth the investment.

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