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Painted Vinyl Siding - Before & After


If you want to add value to your home and protect it from weathering while keeping it looking fresh, vinyl siding is a great choice. The best thing about Vinyl Siding? It is practically maintenance-free. The only recommended upkeep for vinyl siding involves washing. Power washing easily gets rid of any dirt, mold, and algae attaching itself to your siding.

It really is as simple as that.

The color in vinyl siding goes all the way through the material, so the color does not peel or fade with time.

But what if you want to change the color of your siding?
Is it better to replace it? Or, can you simply paint it?

Replacing Vinyl Siding vs Painting

If you want to change color, painting is your best bet. It will cost you more to replace the siding, but painting will be quicker and easier on your wallet.

Go back few years and you wouldn’t have been able to paint vinyl siding at all. However, there have been a lot of improvements in the paint creation process in the last few years, and now there are several different paints on the market that are able to absorb into and stick to vinyl siding.

Try Googling "Can I paint vinyl siding?"            

You'll find that the biggest issue people have with painting siding is that you can't go darker than your existing vinyl color. That’s because the black tint found in most paints traps more heat and is more likely to lead to bubbling and peeling, or warping the vinyl siding itself.

That is where VinylSafe® paint by Sherwin Williams comes in. 
The VinylSafe® paints are specially formulated for painting vinyl siding!

Ranges include:

  • Emerald®
  • Duration®
  • Resilience®
  • SuperPaint®

Color Ranges

Sherwin Williams VinylSafe® paint  gives you the freedom to paint your home in lighter or darker shades without worrying about your vinyl siding peeling or buckling.
There are now over 100 different shades to choose from in the VinylSafe® ranges.


Gray is an increasingly popular color choice for home exteriors. Modern gray in dark or light combined with brilliant white trim will add a sophistication and style statement to your home. For lighter grays, the VinylSafe® range offers shades such as Wool Sweater, Serpent, or Down Load. But, for a darker elegant look, you might want to try Reptile.



Green shades can complement your garden if you have a variety of shrubs, bushes, and trees. VinylSafe® offers lighter green shades such as Sea Frost and Backyard. If you prefer blue-green, you might like Hedgerow. If you want to go dark, Green Porcelain is a popular choice and looks great teamed with light green trim.


Beige and Tan

For an inviting and homely exterior, perhaps a warm tan or beige would suit your family home? A darker beige like VinylSafe's Trail Mix or Tea Stain will hide dirt particularly well so you don't have to pressure wash your home as often. Try pairing beige shades with brown, red, and blue trims for a pop of color.


Pale Shades

Pale and off-white shades can offset a beautiful garden or trailing ivy. Very pale neutrals such as VinylSafe® Tortilla or Cotton Sheets make a home exterior look inviting and stylish. The only thing with paler shades is that you will need to pressure wash it more regularly. It’s worth the extra effort, though.



Why not evoke the mood of the sky or sea with a bright cheerful blue teamed with bright white? VinylSafe® offers a wide range of blues from bold cornflower type blues like Nikko Blue or Steam Ship. Painting your vinyl siding in blue will also hide dirt and algae over time, resulting in less cleaning required.


Pros and Cons of Painting Vinyl Siding 


Painting your vinyl siding means you can update your exterior home color cheaply and quickly. If you use VinylSafe® range of paints, you have a wide choice of colors that will give great coverage and protect your home. You won't need to prime your property before painting in most cases which means you make even further savings. You will extend the life of your vinyl siding if you paint it with VinylSafe®.


Paint won't cover any damage to your vinyl sidings such as scratches or damage from hail or stones. If your vinyl siding is under warranty, painting may void it. Your warranty may allow you to paint it, as long as you use the right type of paint. Temperature changes could cause the vinyl to slide slightly. This may leave exposed gaps where the siding overlapped.

Pros and Cons of Replacing Vinyl Siding


If your existing siding is twenty years old, you're probably better off getting it replaced. It will likely have damage from weathering which paint won't cover.

You'll probably add more value to your home by replacing the siding than just painting over it.


Replacing vinyl siding is more expensive than painting. Unless it's seen better days, you can make significant savings if you paint over. Of course, if you're after a darker shade, VinylSafe offers darker shades in their deep bench of latex-based paints.

If time is an issue for you, getting the siding replaced will take longer than if you paint it.

Final Thoughts

If your budget allows for it and your siding has its fair share of dings, scratches, and scrapes, you might want to go for a complete replacement. If you are on a tighter budget, painting the exterior of your vinyl siding might be the way to go.
Just make sure to properly prepare the siding prior to painting it, and if possible use VinylSafe paints.

And keep in mind, ANY SIDING MATERIAL can be painted, as long as you do proper prep work and use correct paint for your siding painting project.

Either way, whether you go for a replacement or decide to paint, you'll massively improve the look of your home exterior and add value to your property.

If you leaning more towards the siding replacement options, THIS article might help you navigate your options.

Other Vinyl Siding Paint Colors to Consider:




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