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Best Paint Colors to Keep Your Restaurant Busy

Even if you already have a working restaurant, making changes to the color scheme can offer huge benefits. While the right colors for your restaurant may be different – depending on the size of the space, the food you offer, the atmosphere you wish to create as well as other factors – it’s important to understand color theory.

Why Is Color Choice So Important for a Restaurant?

The colors you choose for the interior of your restaurant can greatly affect how your customers feel while they are enjoying their meal. To understand just how important the right color choices can be, we’ve listed some of the top benefits restaurant owners report after making changes to their paint.

  • Higher Customer Traffic
  • Better Average Times Inside the Restaurant
  • Bigger Customer Orders
  • Smaller- or larger-appearing restaurant
  • The Right Atmosphere
  • Consistent Restaurant Branding

Which Colors Should You Stay Away From?

You might find red in a fast-food restaurant; it reinforces the customers’ urgency to receive their orders quickly and continuing with their day. Some shades of red can influence those dining in a restaurant to feel an urgency to leave. This means you may not be able to convince them to have an after-meal dessert or a cup of coffee.

Brighter shades of green and blue are also known to detract restaurant guests from restaurant offerings. This is because the lighting in the space plus the green or blue paint can create an “off” color on the food, making it appear unappetizing.

How to Choose the Best Colors for Your Restaurant

Several color schemes may work well for your restaurant. Choosing the right one will depend on how you want your customers to feel when inside, how much space you have available and even your restaurant branding. Take a look at the following color choices, and let Franca Services know, so we can make it happen!

Neutral Colors: Brown and Green

Neutral colors can create a very relaxing environment in which your guests will enjoy spending time. Shades of green are perfect for restaurants that focus on healthy food choices, while browns, including wood accents, can create an atmosphere where guests may want to open a book or even a laptop and enjoy a space perfect for free Wi-Fi, custom coffee and tea drinks, and even smaller food portions.

Orange and Yellow

You may have noticed that when you walk into a space decorated in shades of orange and yellow, your mood lifts and you feel more energetic. This is one of the psychological effects of color. Take orange, for example. Bright orange with clean, white accents can make people feel happier about being in the space and will feel it’s clean. If you wish to create a more formal space, neutral greens and browns with an earthy shade of orange can make your space feel intimate and cozy. Yellow can often be used in similar ways.

Blue and Purple

We mentioned above that blue is not an ideal color for a restaurant. This is partially because the color tends to make guests thirsty instead of hungry. However, you can still incorporate the color by adding a water feature such as a fish tank or waterfall.

Purple is very stimulating and is great for use as an accent color, or as a contrasting accent color used with lighter neutral shades, such as white, beige, etc.

Both blue and purple should be used sparingly. This way, the color draws attention to how and where it’s used, but the overall atmosphere is one that better matches your restaurant and the feeling you’re trying to invoke in guests.


White is often used to help a small space feel larger as well as clean and sophisticated, with clean lines. Other light colors that can be used to create this atmosphere are light beige and light gray. However, you will need to consider where you plan on using these colors. Because they are so light, the other colors in the room can affect how they look on the wall. White accents can also create clean lines, so you may want to consider using these colors sparingly.

Finding the Right Paint Expert for Your Restaurant

Now that you have an idea of how color affects the interior of a restaurant, it’s time to choose which colors would work best. A professional paint designer can visit your space and give you plenty of ideas about which colors and color schemes would work best based on your restaurant’s food choices, space, and atmosphere. Call Franca Services for a free on-site consultation. We can get your restaurant design started right or have an expert painter reevaluate the colors you’re using in an

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