Vinyl siding is a good option to go all over the exterior of a house, being capable of lasting for 20 to 40 years, even if it is exposed to harsh elements. However, after this expiration time, some cracks and splinters might appear. Learn how to remove vinyl siding like professionals do (it’s easier than deck replacement but harder than window replacement).

Only little effort is required to remove the whole siding of a house when it is necessary to replace it. 

To have this job done, we have separated into some steps the process of removal which are: tools, zip tool to unlock the panel, slide panel over, remove nails, take off the panel and the end of the removal process.

Step-by-step guide on how to remove vinyl siding

Step 1 – Tools to remove vinyl siding

This first step consists of all the tools necessary to remove a vinyl siding. It is recommended to have everything in hand to avoid stopping the job to go after them. 

  • Zip tool 
  • Claw hammer
  • Pincer pliers
  • Extension ladder
  • Bucket (for nails)
  • Dumpster (if it is necessary)
  • Safety glass
  • Working gloves

Step 2 – Zip tool to unlock the panel of vinyl

Zip tool to unlock the panel of vinyl
Side Swiper

With your safety glass and working gloves on, make sure to position your extension ladder in a safe place and where you can easily reach the siding piece. 

During this step, it will be necessary to use the zip tool to unlock each piece, so a higher one from a lower one, that’s why we must start at the top. When your fingers can fit in the gap, you just have to glide along the panel and free the whole lip.  

For those top pieces that have a channel piece covering all nails instead of a siding, the piece of channel must be removed first before removing the top piece. 

Step 3 – Slide the panel over

To unhook the top piece from the piece below you have to slide it and pry the entire length. After sliding, lift the higher piece and look underneath, all nails can be seen.

Step 4 – Remove all nails

Remove all nails
removing nails

This step must be done with a claw hammer and a bucket to throw all nails inside.

With a claw hammer in hand, you will pull off all the nails that are visible from the siding and throw them into the bucket that is placed on the floor. 

It is important to say that there might be a lot of gunk and debris around the nails or there might be some difficult ones to remove from the siding. This is totally normal; you just have to pry a little bit more or use a pry bar. 

Step 5 – Take off the panel

When all the nails from the top of the siding were removed, you will gently place the palms of your hands on the siding piece and pull it straight down until it pops free.  

It is important to be sure that all the nails have been removed to avoid damaging any good siding piece when you apply pressure to remove the piece of vinyl siding.

Step 6 – The end of the removal process

At the end of the removal process, there are some options worth taking into account. 

If your removed siding is in a good condition, you can clean it only using water and soap and reuse it, donate to a person or even sell it for a secondhand use. 

For those vinyl siding pieces that, unfortunately, as very damaged or due to your life cycle can no longer be used, maybe it is necessary to rent a dumpster for big quantities. 

However, if we are talking about only a few siding pieces, they can be thrown away in your regular garbage or be taken to somewhere on your own means of transport. 

Replacing vinyl siding as soon as possible

When all the steps of vinyl siding removal were concluded, you have to replace them as soon as possible, because with the whole exterior structure of your house exposed to elements, the damage can be enormous. 

With harsh weather and long periods of rain, the exterior of your house can be affected by mold, moisture, insects, cracks and so on, making you spend more money to repair it. 

Whereas, if we are only talking about very small quantities of siding, it is possible to cover the exposed area with a tarp until the replacement is done.

Here at Franca Services we can do all this work for you, from removal to replacing the vinyl siding. Contact us for an estimated price and consult our lead time!  

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