Craneboard Solid Core
Insulated Vinyl Siding

CraneBoard is insulated siding designed for energy efficiency and excellent moisture management. It reduces thermal conductivity, absorbs and reflects radiant heat and is available in 6″ and 7″ profiles.

Crane-Board-Siding-Logo-1Due to its high-quality coating, craneboard siding offers you the best insulation available on the market. With Craneboard, your home remains cooler in summer and warmer in winter. It requires no maintenance and protects against the harshest of conditions.

You’ll love craneboard siding because it expands the possibilities of home renovation. Our siding contractors can transform your home interior with a variety of styles, ranging from a nature-inspired look to a traditional design.


Why Choose CraneBoard Insulated Siding?

  •  Can withstand hurricane-force winds up to 160 mph
  • Termite resistant
  • Deep, rich Smart Styles™ Premium and Smart Styles™ Expressions shades use Chromatix™ technology color protection
  • Virtually no maintenance
  • No painting or scraping
  • Won’t warp, buckle or sag
  • Only manufacturer with a Life of the Home Limited Warranty
  • Reduces external noise
  • Manufactured from recyclable materials

  •  Available profiles: D7, T6, Board & Batten, Q4 and Q45DL
  •  Broad color palette from traditional to expressive Smart Styles™ options
  •  Horizontal lap and board & batten profiles provide more exterior design options
  •  Offers significantly more insulating power than fiber cement, wood, engineered wood or brick
  •  Only manufacturer with Neopor insulation: provides up to 19% better R-value than regular foam insulation, depending on the profile
  •  Solid CoRe® insulation Smart Track™ system uses moisture management ridges to improve water evacuation—a feature exclusive to Exterior Portfolio

Give your curb appeal an instant makeover...

with the classic, crisp looks of CraneBoard®. They've brought a time-tested surface into the 21st century to harmonize with accents of stone, shake and board & batten or to cover an entire façade with smooth integrity. The triple-width, insulated span bridges structural imperfections and therefore bridges the gap between “that’s nice” and flawless. Plus the milled cedar-grain texture, straight face and deep shadows of the 6″ and 7″ profiles give your house a solid, authentic presence.


CraneBoard® 6" Clapboard Plank

This 21st Century version of a time-tested classic can work in beautiful harmony with accents of stone, shake and board and batten – or cover an entire façade with smooth integrity for a flawless appearance.

  • Authentic, straight-face design with hand-milled cedar grain beauty
  • Smooth, locked edges, designed for “seamless” appearance
  • No painting. No scraping. True Maintenance Freedom!
  • R-Value up to 2.5 depending on profile
  • SmartCORE™ Insulation engineered to breathe and keep moisture out
  • 240% more impact resistant than fiber cement
  • Quiet! Reduces noise up to 45%
  • Wind resistant up to 200 mph
  • Available in 22 colors
  • No-Nonsense Life-of-the-Home Warranty

CraneBoard® 7" Clapboard Plank

The 7" clapboard plank is the tried-and-true choice for an infinite variety of architectural styles. From the traditional Colonial to the most groundbreaking Contemporary design, CraneBoard® 7 can be used as both a starting point and an exciting accent. Its expansive, architecturally correct width combines with a perfectly straight, deeply shadowed shape and hand-milled cedar finish. Add to this design superiority a selection of expressive colors and it’s a distinctive option for any home.

  • Only Solid CoRe® insulation has moisture management ridges that provide space for ventilation
  • Neopor® from BASF SE adds up to a 19% better R-value depending on profile
  • No painting. No scraping. True Maintenance Freedom.
  • Absorbs and reflects radiant heat with Neopor®
  • Reduces thermal conductivity
  • 200% stronger bond with our TXL™ Lamination Technology
  • 64% greater impact resistance
  • Quiet! Reduces noise up to 45%
  • Wind resistant up to 200 mph
  • Authentic straight-face design with clean hand-milled cedar grain look
  • Life of the Home Limited Warranty

CraneBoard® 10" Board & Batten

The architecturally correct 10-inch Board & Batten can be used as a theme or to add a bit of rustic charm to any home. Available in 19 popular colors including the four Coastal Shores™ Collection, these shades can give a jolt of added architectural interest to your home.

  • Double 10” profile
  •  Authentic wide board design with hand-milled cedar grain look
  • Smooth locked edges make everything seamless
  • No Painting. No Scraping. True Maintenance Freedom.
  • Neopor® adds up to a 19% better R-value depending on profile
  • 200% stronger bond with our TXL™ Lamination Technology
  • 64% greater impact resistance
  • Quiet!  Reduces noise up to 45%
  • Wind resistant up to 150 mph
  • Life of the Home Limited Warranty

Vinyl Siding Colors

The Exterior Portfolio® by CraneBoard®

Smart Styles™ Collection is a full range of 14 soft, understated shades and pleasing neutrals. The Smart Style™ Expressions Collection enhances exterior designs that call for bold, rich hues.

What’s your favorite color? Is your style best expressed in classic neutrals, accented by crisp white trim? Or would expressive deep shades fulfill your vision? With the natural, authentic appearance of CraneBoard®, you can experiment and create a unique exterior look that’s just right for you.




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