Insulated Vinyl Siding

The right home siding brings a good deal to the table, offering your home greater energy efficiency, substantial noise reduction, superior impact resistance, and remarkably – insulated vinyl siding is virtually maintenance free!

Shiplap Siding

If you’re interested in this unique look for your home, be sure to call us for a quote so we can help make your vision come to life. Let’s learn more about shiplap siding and answer some of the questions you may have about it!

If you’re interested in this unique look for your home, be sure to call us for a quote so we can help make your vision come to life. Let’s learn more about shiplap siding and answer some of the questions you may have about it!

Why Is Quality Siding Important?

Quality siding on your home provides protection from environmental elements. The insulation, as well as the structure of your home, should be protected from weather such as rain or snow. Even in instances like pressure washing your exterior, water should never get past the siding.

Installing a quality siding on the exterior of your home adds another layer of insulation. Proper insulation helps keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

What Is Shiplap Siding?

Shiplap siding originated its name from the wooden planks that are often added to the sides of ships. The long planks fit together tightly with each new plank overlapping the one below it enough to allow the wood to expand and contract with changing temperatures, but tight enough to be waterproof. Shiplap siding is added to the exterior of your home in that same fashion.

Shiplap siding can be made from many different types of wood. If you love the look of aged cedar creating an antiqued look then cedar shiplap siding would be a great choice! Pine is a popular option, as is walnut. Using reclaimed wood has become a common choice among those aiming to be environmentally friendly.

How Much Does Shiplap Siding Cost?

The cost associated with this kind of siding will vary widely based on several factors. First, the type of wood you choose fluctuates based on its availability and durability. Second, cost is based on how much of it you actually need. While purchasing siding in larger quantities can reduce the price of each piece, it can still add up. In order to calculate how much you need to buy you will need to know the square footage of each wall.

Remember to consider the costs of installation. Leaving your home without any siding protection could result in structural damage. If you are taking this project on by yourself, you may need to take time off work and buy the tools required. Professional installation may be a better option due to their ability to complete the job quickly. They already have all the necessary tools and extensive experience with this type of siding.

What Siding Patterns Are Possible with Shiplap Siding?

Shiplap siding leaves room for creativity! It can be installed either vertically or horizontally. The siding planks also come in various widths. A 10” wide shiplap plank will cover more area than a 6” plank to change the overall look.

Can I Use Shiplap Siding Inside My Home?

Yes! Lots of people are doing so. It can help give the interior of any space a warm and inviting appearance and is much more durable than drywall. Indoor shiplap siding still adds that extra layer of insulation and protection.

Do I Need Professional Installation?

Whether you are looking for a new appearance on the exterior of your home or its interior, professional installation can make things a lot easier than doing it yourself. Let’s review:

Complete the Job Quickly: A professional siding contractor can get the job completed much quicker because of their training and expertise. Contractors can bring a team of professional installers to complete the project more efficiently.

Already Have the Tools: A siding contractor will already have all the tools necessary to complete the project in the quickest and easiest way possible. The workers are also trained to use those tools safely.

Extensive Experience: Contractors know the ins and outs of potential problems that could arise. This will remove extra time and frustrations from your plate. Let their experience make your investment in new siding easier for you to enjoy!

Franca Services is a siding contractor with a long history of providing homeowners and businesses with beautiful exteriors. If you are considering shiplap siding, give us a call at the office at (508) 481-0150 or on the cell at (508) 239-8021. We might be out of the office providing another customer with new siding, paint, windows, or even a deck!

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