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Keep Your Business Open While It’s Being Painted

However, repainting it may be difficult. You want your business to stay open while the painting is being done. There is a solution.

However, repainting it may be difficult. You want your business to stay open while the painting is being done. There is a solution. You can stay open while the painting is being done. With the right professional painters and some planning, your business can get the fresh look it needs without keeping your customers away.


Benefits of Repainting

There are many benefits to repainting your business space. If it is a retail store, you want the interior to match the theme of your products. If it is an office space that sees customer traffic, you want the paint to show professionalism.


Benefits of Repainting a Business’ Interior

  • Stay compliant with any regulations that govern your type of business or the type of structure your businesses is located in.
  • Get a trendy new look to appeal to a larger audience.
  • Having the painting done professionally means you won’t have to worry about anything other than business as usual.


Top 5 Tips for Keeping the Doors Open While Repainting Your Business

It can be hard to make the decision to lock the doors when having your business repainted. This is true even if you already know it will be only a few days. The good news is you don’t have to lock up your business. Follow these 5 tips and you’ll keep customers happy and yourself in business.


Tip #1: Notify Everyone as Early as Possible

If you already know the painting will be taking place on certain days, or throughout a certain week, you need to let your customers, as well as employees, know. Depending on the lines of communication you have with your customers, you can do this via email, social media, or snail mail.


Tip #2: Map Out Work Locations and Buffer Zones

One important key to keeping your business open while it’s being painted, is to focus on painting only one section at a time. If paint is going up everywhere all at once, there won’t be areas available for your employees or customers to do what they need to do.


Sectioning off small areas at a time to be painted also helps to keep the mess and noise confined to one specific area only. It may be a good idea to create a “buffer zone” between the area currently being painted and the employees or customers closest to it. This can also help maintain healthier air quality.


Tip #3: Focus on Air Quality

It is very important to make sure those in your business space are breathing clean air. While some employees will have sensitive allergies and may want to work from home for a few days, it is fairly easy to improve the air quality in the space. Creating small sections to be painted at a time does help, but there’s more you can do.


Painting companies will often put up plastic or another type of barrier to keep most of the fumes or any messes they may be making confined to a specific area. You should also ask how they plan to ventilate the area. In addition to the measures we take as a professional painting company, Franca Services, business owners, and managers can also invest in air-purifying devices. These come in handy long after the project has completed as well.


Tip #4: Take Advantage of Time

Most painting companies will be willing to work around your business’ schedule. What this means is if your company opens late on most days, the crew can come in early and get some work done before anyone will be around.


Be sure to let us know if there are times when your business is closed or there’s lighter traffic, so we can help to work around you. Common slow periods during the day or week are:

  • Lunch periods
  • A day, or more, each week when your business is closed
  • Days you may open later
  • Days you may close earlier
  • Afternoons or mornings when business is usually slower


Tip #5: Turn Complaints into Confidence

Even when taking all the precautions possible, there are bound to be a few complaints about all the activity going on. However, it can be easy to change these complaints into happy customers who are looking forward to doing business with your company in the future.


Just a few ideas include:

  • Hand out “grand re-opening” flyers to all customers to get them excited for your business’ brand new look.
  • Invite everyone you do business with, not just those who complain, to come back and see the company’s redesign.
  • Show those who complain a sketch or 3D model of what the new paint job will do for the location.


There’s No Better Time Than Now

Giving your company’s space a whole new look can give your employees a morale boost; giving them a more exciting and positive place to work. Customers and clients who visit this location will see just how dedicated you are to keeping your space updated, and care about how your brand image is perceived.


If you are ready to get started on your business re-painting project, call Franca Services today at (508) 481-0150. Is email easier for you? Feel free to contact us anytime. With so many ways to reach out, what are you waiting for? We can give your business a facelift with a brand-new paint job.

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