Nowadays, everything that the world is concerned about is being environment friendly to build a new world for our future generation. We need to make things better if we want to continue living on this perfect planet that provides us with priceless things. 

One step that can be followed to help our world is by using the best eco friendly siding and sustainable materials when constructing new homes or when it is just a replacement of parts. 

Sidings have been increasing throughout the years, so the first step to go ahead is to start choosing a siding that is more environmentally friendly due to a variety of advantages not only for the Earth, but for the homeowner and those who live inside the house. 

The right siding can reduce the carbon footprint, increase the efficiency of a house, effectively insulate, and reduce energy, the emissions released to the atmosphere during its production and installation can be limited. 

The benefits to use best eco friendly siding

When it comes to choosing the best eco friendly siding, we must consider the innumerous factors that lead to sustainability, that determine if it is a green material or not. Some benefits not just to the planet but for you are: reduced environmental impact, economize time and money, safe to your health and reduce wastes. 

Reduced environmental impact

Materials that are energy-efficient and recycled will require less resources and consequently less pollution and emissions of carbon and even keeps trash out of landfills. 

Economize time and money

Time of construction can be economized if sidings eco-friendly are chosen. 

When we buy materials from local vendors we will support small business, keeping money into the local economy and reducing the carbon footprint due to the little quantity of fuel used in shipping. 

Besides this, recycled materials will help to save money during construction and for those repairs and renovations. 

Safe to your health

toxic substance
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Materials used to build a house can have components in their composition that could lead to serious health problems for the family who live in the house and the constructors

Those components can be carcinogens, irritants and toxicants, can cause outdoor pollution to the world and moisture buildup can lead to mold and mildew. 

Reduce wastes

The number of our population has been increasing constantly and the numbers of landfills have been increasing as well, and due to this our oceans and lands are screaming for help because of the quantities of plastic. 

Reducing waste is essential and it does not matter from where it comes but choosing recyclable and sustainable materials when building a house have a huge positive impact because the manufacturers will not use technology to reuse it. 

The number of companies that are working for our world is getting bigger every year and if we join with them, we will just get good things from it. 

What to consider when choosing eco-friendly siding

Considering a siding must be something thought of very carefully, specially if you have among your options those eco-friendly to be helpful to the world and those who live together with you. 

Before anything else you should get some information like the materials a siding is made of and everything related to its composition, the recyclability of the siding chosen, how easier it is to recycle it, how good the siding is energy efficiency and the labor involved to place it on the exterior of the house. 


Knowing which material a siding is made of is essential before putting it all over a house. Homeowners should get rid of those that contain toxins dangerous for the family and the environment. 

So, if you are looking for a green siding to build or replace your home, have as an option those made of a combination of renewable materials, like fiber-cement siding that contains wood, sand and water, easier to recycle. 

On the other hand, sidings made of vinyl are not biodegradable, so it might be difficult to recycle them. 

Before choosing the best eco friendly siding, some questions must be done to determine how eco-friendly a siding is: 

  • Is it toxic? 
  • Is it biodegradable? Will the siding be difficult to break down or get rid of in landfill? 
  • Does the siding come from nature? Does it cause any damage to nature? 
  • Does it have a certification proving the siding is green?


Recyclability of wood
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Whether a material is recyclable, reusable or not it all depends on the manufacturer and the building contractor to give a destination to them. 

Wood, for example, is a material easier to reuse than others. However, sidings made of vinyl need a process a little bit more complex and specialized if it passes through recycling. And, as fiber-cement is durable and last the longest, it requires little post-consumer recycling.

Energy Efficiency

Everybody wants a house that is energy efficient, maintaining the coolness inside and the heat outside during summer and vice-versa during winter. An eco-friendly material can be a little bit more expensive, but the savings in long terms will appear to the homeowner. 


Working with materials that are considered complex, heavy and rare will take more energy than the usual to install over a house and they are considered way more expensive too, requiring more labor. 

Top 4 best eco friendly siding alternatives

As it has been common to make decisions in favor of our planet, the options of having materials that are considered friendly to our environment and sustainable has been increasing as well. 

Below we have separated the top 4 best eco-friendly sidings for you to help make the difference on our planet, they are: metal siding, fiber-cement siding, vinyl siding and reclaimed sustainable wood siding.

Metal Siding

Metal Siding
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Metal siding is a recyclable type of siding because it comes from many recycled sources, like scrap metal and even junked cars, being very sustainable. This happens because steel and aluminum are both metals recycled the most in the U.S.

This eco-friendly siding after being installed, requires just little maintenance or almost no maintenance, which is something good for every budget. It is recommended to occasionally clean this siding with a garden hose to keep your home looking gorgeous. 

Considering its texture, it can look like wood, or it can have a variety for all the tastes. Metal siding is a beautifully designed material that is capable of resisting the natural elements such as damages caused by insects, rot and resisting fire, but it cannot resist rust.

However, even though this siding looks like the best option considering it is made of very few chemicals, metal does not insulate as well as some other option of siding, having a lack of energy efficiency. Besides, this heavy metal is prone to being dented. 

Metal siding is still a very good option to other sidings that are not considered sustainable, steel is the most recyclable material, being in front of paper, plastic, and wood. 


  • Eco-friendly, made of the most recyclable material in the U.S.
  • Affordable to every budget.
  • Little or almost no maintenance.
  • It resists natural elements, insects, and fire. 


  • It is not so energy efficient, being a poor insulator.
  • It can suffer from rust. 
  • Heavy materials to work with and it can screw up. 

Fiber-cement siding

Fiber cement siding
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Fiber-cement is the most popular eco-friendly siding. It is made of some kinds of natural materials, like wood, sand and cement and it can look like either vinyl or wood without the part where trees are cut down, plastic is manufactured, and a lot of water is used.  

This very green siding is well-known as being long-lasting, it will last for over 50 years, it is durable and with almost no need of maintenance or repainting, reducing the resources needed to maintain it as other types of siding. 

As it comes in a huge variety of colors, styles and textures, this versatility is something beneficial to the environment because it is possible to achieve so many possibilities of combinations using just a few materials. 

Fiber cement is very sustainable, but it has very little R-value, being less energy efficient than other types of sidings. Besides this, it can be more expensive in comparison, but if we think in the long run, it can fit in your pocket due to longevity. 

Even though fiber cement is made of neutral components and not toxic VOCs and when it is exposed to flames it does not emit fumes dangerous to the health, like vinyl does, but when it is cut, it releases silica dust, being bad for our health when breathing. 


  • Totally eco-friendly, not wasting water, wasting energy to manufacture or cut down trees. 
  • It can last for over 50 years. 
  • It is durable, with low maintenance. 
  • Variety of color, textures, and styles.
  • It does not emit toxic VOCs or flames.  


  • Little R-value, being less energy efficiency. 
  • It is more expensive than other types of siding. 
  • When it is cut, it can release silica dust. 

Vinyl siding

Vinyl siding
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Vinyl siding is considered the most popular type of siding across the U.S. It is made of Polyvinyl Chloride, or well-known as PVC, a material that is not good for us, humans, and the environment. 

However, after this siding has been manufactured, it becomes an eco-friendly material, because there is almost no waste when produced, it is light to transport, being more energy efficient and to install is easier, requiring less labor. 

This sustainable siding is budget friendly, has a great insulation and has a long life, requiring little maintenance, just needing to be caulked or painted during its lifetime. 

However, if the vinyl siding is not discarded correctly to be recycled, it can go to landfills or other places, causing damage to the world since PVC is a type of plastic and it takes a long time to disappear. 


  • Budget friendly, increasing its popularity.
  • It has almost no waste after it has been produced. 
  • It is a light product, easier to transport and to install, being energy saving and efficient.   
  • Good in insulation, saving home energy. 
  • Long lifespan, requiring little maintenance. 


  • Made of Polyvinyl Chloride, bad for humans and the environment.
  • If it goes to landfills or other places, it can cause a lot of damage to the world. 

Reclaimed Sustainable Wood Siding

Sustainable Wood Siding
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Wood siding is made of some types of trees, like cedar, redwood, Douglas fir and pine and it is considered for its good ecological impact, because it avoids cutting down new trees as it is made of reclaimed wood.

This sustainable material lasts for over 100 years if all the steps of maintenance are followed properly, so it is recommended to hire a contractor who is specialized and has the knowledge to work with reclaimed wood siding. 

Reclaimed sustainable wood siding is quite easy to repair and to maintain, it is only necessary to paint or stain every few years or when the homeowner wants to change its appearance. 

Sustainable sidings are very popular due to its natural look of wood, but it is possible to customize it with a variety of colors. 

The downside of this material is how highly flammable it is and how easily it can be destroyed by natural elements if it is not taken care of properly, not being one of the most durable options of eco-friendly sidings.

It is possible to ensure if a wood siding is recyclable, biodegradable and sustainable with the certification given by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) before purchasing it. 


  • As prevents the cut down of new trees, it is one of the most eco-friendly sidings.
  • Beautiful natural look of wood, but it can be easily customized with a variety of colors.
  • It can last over 100 years if taken care of properly. 


  • Highly flammable material.
  • If it is not taken care correctly, it can suffer severe damages by natural elements. 
  • It needs someone specialized in reclaimed sustainable wood siding to be installed. 

Be eco-friendly with Franca Services

It is possible to have a beautiful siding covering the exterior of your house and at the same time one that is eco-friendly. Nowadays it is a tendency to think about options that are greener than others and which brings advantages to you and your family. 

Make an eco-friendly siding with us today!

If you are interested after reading all that and want some help to choose the best sustainable siding for your home, contact us and we will be extremely pleased to help you find one that fits your taste and your budget.

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