As a Insulated Vinyl Siding Contractor Installer serving Massachusetts, we are proud to offer CraneBoard®  Solid Core Siding by Crane which has an exclusive all-in-one siding and insulation system with incredible energy saving features. The foam has 200% better bond strength and is shaped to fit precisely behind the vinyl siding or vinyl vertical siding, providing a continuous solid backing that helps increase vinyl siding resistance up to 64% more against impacts.  Impacts that might otherwise cause cracks or dents and with panels up to 18” high will bridge wall irregularities; and interlocks tightly at seams to create a straight, solid finished wall appearance without the waviness sometimes associated with vinyl siding.


The Solid Core Siding products is up to 2.5 R-value depending on the panel and is included under Home Energy Star Qualified Homes Version 3 as an acceptable method to reduce thermal bridging according to EPA. See the advantages:

*The denser SOLID CORE foam has a 53% higher flexural strength compared to standard insulated siding, which means smoother, straighter walls.

* Only SOLID CORE® Backer Foam has moisture management ridges that provide space for ventilation, allowing condensation to escape and enhance insulation without contributing to mold

* SOLID CORE SIDING has 64% greater compression strength, resulting in enhanced impact resistance

* The tensile strength of SOLID CORE® SIDING is 40% higher than standard insulated siding, which gives it a more durable, just-installed appearance.

* The exclusive lamination process provides greater surface adhesion, meaning over 200% more bond strength between the siding and foam

* CraneBoard® replicates the look of popular, real wood profiles – wider 6" and 7" planks and Board & Batten

* No painting, scraping, staining or maintenance hassle

* SOLID CORE SIDING also reduces noise by 45% so homeowners can enjoy peace and quiet while inside their home

* Better technology means a better warranty. The Life Of The Home Warranty, the only warranty of its kind that is completely transferable to every subsequent owner

* CraneBoard® SOLID CORE SIDING has up to 2.5 R-value and is recognized as a form of “continuous insulation” that helps reduce energy loss

* Architectural Essentials™ Accessories complete the look – providing distinctive finishing details and insulation around windows, doors and corners – areas most vulnerable to energy loss;

heatlosscomparisonThermal energy tests demonstrate the insulating value of SOLID CORE.
(In this image, SOLID CORE vs Fiber Cement)





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