Protect your commercial investment with siding from Franca Services.

We install & replace siding
to protect your commercial investment.


No matter what the project, our installation experts can help you with siding for your commercial property. We’ll work closely with you to create a look that fits your business image.

It takes more than just personal attention to make your commercial property shine. With new siding, your commercial build can stand out from the crowd of competitors in the neighborhood. As a bonus, new siding means higher revenue and profits for your business.

We look forward to adding your property to our siding portfolio.



The best thing about vinyl siding is that it’s easy to install and it’s very low-maintenance. This is one of our most popular siding options and it has a very elegant look for your commercial building. As a vinyl siding contractor, we are proud to work with Exterior Portfolio Vinyl Siding by Crane. Exterior Portfolio offers a variety of products: CraneBoard®, Portsmouth Shake®, Premium Pointe 360®, Market Square®, beside the Architectural Essentials™ and Soffits lines that help you create clean contrast or matching harmony.



Fiber Cement siding has a more natural look and it is extremely durable and easy to install. This type of material is also resistant to heat and moisture, so it’s a good choice for a variety of weather and climate conditions that occur in Massachusetts. James Hardie® fiber cement siding is made with the highest quality raw materials, proprietary manufacturing process, along with an innovative color process that gives a superior siding solution for your business.

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