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Intumescent paint is a coating that ignites when exposed to heat, preventing fires caused by heat from quickly spreading. This product offers excellent fire protection performance, including a high ignition temperature, as well as adhesion to the surfaces it is applied on and durability against both water and impact, making it an excellent choice for covering large rooftops or outdoor surfaces where there is a risk of fire due to heat in industrial facilities such as asphalt boiler structures or gas pipeline facilities while generating ample construction work space.


Franca is your source for Intumescent Painting and Fireproofing. As a leader in high-performance, non-toxic fireproofing solutions, Franca has been protecting homes and businesses for over 18 years.

Fireproofing Intumescent Painting

Commercial Painting Contractor in Massachusetts

One of the most important aspects of any new or existing structure involves taking safety precautions to protect the people that live, work, or patronize the location. Today, a number of strict laws are in place that must be adhered to when operating a business or residential community, which ensure that proper fireproofing procedures are adhered to. Franca Services can help you meet or exceed those guidelines within any construction. Although most structures will benefit from fireproofing intumescent painting, some of the most common industries we provide this service to are:

• Warehouses
• Hotels
• Restaurants
• Hospitals and Assisted Living Facilities
• Colleges and Schools
• Apartment and Condominium Communities

The fire retardant coating products we use are affordable, safe, long lasting, and they produce an attractive finish that looks just like paint, which preserves the character and focal points of the structure.


The Fireproofing Intumescent Painting Process

This process allows otherwise unapproved building materials to meet fire code, flame spread requirements, and necessary fire ratings. This thin specialty coating may be used indoor or outdoors, and has the capacity to withstand high temperatures for extended periods. Franca Service’s crews specialize in the various surface preparation techniques it takes to apply intumescent fireproof paints to both wood and structural steel areas like doors, walls, ceilings, columns, and beams.

Trained experts tackle every area within the structure and apply the coating up to the required mils to achieve the building’s desired fireproof rating. As a professional painting contractor around Boston, our experts know and understand the need to settle for nothing short of complete success within this facet of your project.

Service and Quality, you Can Count On
Trust Franca Service’s superior reputation as a fireproofing intumescent painting professional contractor in Massachusetts. 


Why Choose Us

In Two Words: Quality and Service: You should expect more from us – the 2 primary ingredients that give paint its ultimate protection against fire.

  • High performance fire resistance paints from Franca Services can keep you and your organization protected.
  • High-Quality intumescent paint and coatings to residential, commercial, industrial facilities.
  • Our professional painters are well-trained to coat any areas you want
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