Franca Services has been a top commercial painting contractor in Massachusetts for more than a decade, and our experts are happy to help you select the right products for your project according to the location of the areas to be treated and their function.

Stains generally enhance the grain of the wood and emphasize the random contrasts of their natural beauty, while protecting the wood surface. The most common types of stains are: semitransparent and semisolid. Semitransparent stains are good for applying over bare wood and many previously stained, but not sealed, woods. Exterior stains are frequently used on wood siding and shingles, outdoor structures and furniture, and patios. Interior stains are used to enhance cabinets and other woodwork, and they come in either pigmented or dye categories.

Polyurethanes are highly suggested for interior uses similar to those of varnishes because of the advanced level of protection they provide concerning water resistance and heavy use, which is essential in highly trafficked commercial areas. Because polyurethane is extremely resilient, available in high gloss or matte finishes, and is offered in a wide array of colors and uses, it has rapidly become one of the most accepted surface finishes for both residential and commercial painting projects around Boston.

Varnish is a blend of resins and oils that coat the wood’s surface giving it a transparent, protective veneer that allows the attractiveness of the wood to show through. Many types of varnish are available, and they can leave a glossy, semi-gloss, or satin finish depending on their formulation. Some acrylic-based varnishes are heavy duty enough for use on hardwood floors and will preserve their attractiveness for years to come.

Two-component epoxy is an indispensable element among spaces and facilities where cleanliness is not an option. This nearly indestructible material can be used on walls, ceilings, and floors to create a seamless transition where walls meet their counterparts. Epoxy can handle extreme temperature changes, heavy machinery, repeated cleaning, and caustic chemicals while retaining its attractive qualities and corrosion protection. Epoxy is extremely difficult to apply properly, which is why you should only count on a professional painting contractor in Massachusetts to handle all your resinous coating needs.