Franca Services is proud to be a Lead-Safe Certified contractor. The dangers and health risks associated with the use of lead-based paints were not fully realized until the seventies when their use was banned. Lead exposure is extremely risky when it comes to children, the elderly, pregnant women, and those that suffer from certain sensitivities. Essentially, any structure built or renovated prior to 1978 is at risk for containing lead-based paint, which fueled the EPAs measures to prevent exposure to unwitting occupants. Therefore, if you have a painting or renovation project you want to undertake that involves such a structure, the law states that only a lead-safe certified contractor should handle the task.

One of our dedicated project managers can even help you identify whether your surfaces require the use of a lead paint certified contractor in Massachusetts, and then walk you through the site-specific protocols that we will follow if you do. Some precautions required on these types of renovations include particular methods of controlling dust and debris from the site. Additionally, the work area must be properly cordoned during the course of the project, and specific cleanup measures and procedures must be enacted.