Top Reasons Massachusetts Painting Contractors Use Green Paints
authorAlan Franca

21 June, 2022

Top Reasons Massachusetts Painting Contractors Use Green Paints

Keeping your family safe is by far one of our top priorities, and because Franca Services is a family owned company, we believe in doing our part to help that happen.

From our exterior paints to re-coating services, we have focused on a broad range of superior solutions.

These 'green' products are designed to protect and enhance the beauty of your home without being harmful to your family, pets or the environment.

These are only two important reasons that finding a green painting contractor that has experience utilizing Eco-friendly paints is wise if you are considering freshening up your home’s exterior.

Beyond protecting the environment, there are a number of reasons that more Massachusetts painting companies are offering customers these options when the time comes to paint their home.

Traditional latex and oil paints have been associated with indoor air quality issues, which can potentially result in a number of symptoms that include dizziness, fatigue, and headaches. Indications that are more serious can include asthma, cancer, and heart disease.

You might be wondering what is believed to be the cause of these symptoms, and how hiring a green painting contractor can make a difference.

To put it simply, traditional paints typically contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The airborne chemicals are released into the air for an extended period after the paint’s application.

Some people believe that VOCs may contribute to the aforementioned symptoms although this is not proven.

However, if you or members of your family have certain pre-existing conditions, chemical sensitivities, or if you are expecting a baby, this type of paint may be ideal for your home.

Additionally, if you want to avoid that fresh paint smell that typically accompanies this task, green paint is an excellent option.

Our green paint contractors are armed with information, and they enjoy sharing with you.

A professional green painting contractor will take into consideration all aspects of the paint job you desire, and they will help you decide which type of paint will best meet your needs.

If you desire to join the green movement for your interior or exterior paint, there are three primary types available:

Milk paint

is designed for interior use and is gaining a large following on the East Coast.

This paint results when a protein known as Casein, is divided from milk and mixed with powder, clay, and water.

Clay paint

is all-natural and created from earth-based minerals and water.

It is the most common green paint used and is ideal if you are seeking to provide earthly hues to your home’s interior.


is a simplistic paint made from water and calcium-based minerals. This paint is good for use on brick, concrete, plaster, and wood.

Color selections are wide within this category, and it is the perfect green paint for exterior use.

Our knowledgeable project managers know the ins and outs of all types of paints, so you know the job will be performed correctly and on time.


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