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Painting Your Home Before the Holidays

It won’t be long before your home is filled with friends and family, so you want to make sure your home is ready to entertain. Give your home a fresh new look by painting areas of your home just in time for the holidays and in a color that will last through any season. Before you jump into painting your living room into a bright cherry red with a Santa mural accent wall, consider a few important details of your paint job.

Paint Finishes

First, the finish. Different finishes are ideal for different surfaces and areas of your home.

  • Flat or matte finishes are best for large areas like ceilings and for concealing surface irregularities, such as bumps or cracks. You can even get “washable flats”, which are perfect for resisting stains and standing up to washing off scuff marks and other blemishes (perfect for the decorations that could mess up your fresh paint job).
  • Satin or eggshell finishes are the most popular choices for high-traffic areas because they hide small imperfections and are resistant to many types of stains and dirt.
  • Semi- or high-gloss finishes are best for highlighting details, such as window frames, doors, and trim. Plus, they reflect light, allowing your home to look bigger and brighter than it actually is, a huge plus in the dreary winter months.

Places to Paint

Next, you’ll want to think about where you’re wanting to update. It may be a little out-of-budget to repaint your entire home but adding paint to the right places can give your home a completely new look.

  • Entire room – If you’re just going to paint one room in your home, pick the one that’s used the most often. Your living room is the ultimate place for family and friends to gather, especially during the holiday season. The kitchen is also a popping place during the holidays and if your living room and kitchen are connected in an open floorplan, you can make your home seem bigger by extending the color into both rooms. Another room that deserves some attention is your guest room. The holiday season is most likely the most traffic that your guest room sees all year, so make sure it’s ready to go with a fresh coat of paint that will make all of your guests feel right at home.
  • Accent Wall – Adding fresh color to a single wall in your kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms or living rooms is a quick and simple way to add a holiday aesthetic to the interior of your home. In many cases, if you have a uniform color palette in a room in your home, you can find a complementary color that will give that room a holiday feel without having to paint the entire room.
  • Cabinets – If you’re not feeling like painting a specific wall, try giving your cabinets an update! Dark wood cabinets can give your kitchen a warmer look, perfect for all the warm and cozy vibes for the winter season. On the contrary, painting your cabinets a bright white can make your kitchen feel more open and bigger, which is important when you’re filling the room up with all your extended family!

Holiday-Friendly Colors

One of the most fun parts of painting a room is picking out the color! Painting your home before the holidays doesn’t have to mean cherry reds and greens all over. You’ll want something that invokes feelings of warmth and happiness during the holiday season, but also works well during other seasons so you’re not updating the color every few months. Franca Services has a color design center so you can visualize how you want your new space to look but consider these colors first.

  • Greige – Greige is a combination of gray and beige, and it is a warm neutral that works well in any room in the house. This color is both soothing and sophisticated and goes well with any style or décor. Greige can easily be dressed up with metallic accents or given a cozier feel with warm, darker colors such as maroon or navy.
  • Light pink – Soft pink walls are becoming more and more popular, with blush pink often viewed as a neutral that goes with anything. Pink is a warm and romantic color that can make your room seem happier and brighter on a miserable winter day.
  • Deep green – Green is associated with nature and tranquility and works well in any season. Choose a shade that is slightly muted, not too dark or bright, to make it feel like you live in a peaceful forest with or without a Christmas tree in the room.
  • Bright white – Use the mounds of snow outside as inspiration for a winter wonderland inside. White reflects light the best, making your room feel brighter even with winter’s short days and limited sunlight.
  • Red – Go for a bold pop of color with a deep or bright red. This color is warm and welcoming and can make your home feel especially festive during the holiday season. It also transfers well to spring and summer when it’s sunnier outside and makes your room feel like it’s radiating sunshine.

The holidays are the time for festivities and family, so make sure your home is prepared for all the craziness that accompanies this time of year. Instead of adding more stress to your plate by doing the painting yourself before the holidays, let the professionals at Franca Services do all the interior home painting for you. Call us to get your free quote today and get started on making your home the place where holiday memories are made.

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