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Paint Colors for Your Kid's Room That Age Well

However, if you choose the right color to grow with your kid’s ever-changing tastes, repainting their room won’t be necessary. By changing the comforter, the curtains and other accents in the room, your kids can get an entirely new bedroom without the hassle of emptying the room, repainting and then putting it all back together again.

Which colors are perfect for your kid?

Various Shades of Blue

Different shades of blue can be used to create different psychological effects. Lighter shades are relaxing and can help a child sleep better. They can even help to reduce anxiety. You could also make a bolder choice, depending on their personalities. Here are the top three shades of blue for kids’ rooms.

  • Sky Blue: This shade of blue is toned down, so, if relaxation and sleep are important, this could be the best option. It’s perfect for many kids who suffer from anxiety or even ADHD or Autism.
  • Sea Blue: If you are looking for a bold shade of blue to help create the perfect accents in the room, Sea Blue is just the color. It can be used with neutral shades, like those we list below, for a sophisticated look they can grow into.
  • Cerulean Blue: This bold shade of blue is darker, as well as richer. Accents of white or grey can make it pop, and it can go from relaxing a toddler to sleep to offering a more personal space for a teenager.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are an excellent canvas. You can change the look of your kid’s room by repainting accents, such as window frames and closet doors, with either a complementary or a contrasting color, depending on the phase your child is going through now. They can also be relaxing.

  • Eggshell: White is ideal for many rooms, especially if your kids reinvent themselves. Accent colors, as well as furniture and linen choices, can also reinvent the room. However, a bright white can make a room feel clinical and sanitary instead of comfortable and relaxing. Eggshell is the perfect shade of white.
  • Beige: A darker, neutral color can have the same benefits as Eggshell, but can also create a cozy and intimate space that is ideal for any age. Accents of other neutral colors can keep it relaxing, but if your kid wants a major change, a contrasting accent color is an easy upgrade.

Bright Colors

Various bright colors can have differing effects on a kid’s mood. The right bright colors can create stronger motivation, a happier disposition, and even more energy. Not all bright colors are appropriate for a kid’s room, however, and you may find they tire of some bright colors quickly.

  • Yellow: Even if you choose a toned-down shade of yellow, it can create a light and airy atmosphere. This helps kids feel happier. Waking up in a yellow room can also help get kids out of bed in the morning and give them the energy to complete their homework after school.
  • Aqua: This color is ideal for a kid’s bedroom because it can be paired with many accent colors. A quick change of accent color can create an entirely new look and feel. Coral and pink are ideal paint pairings for younger kids and brighter shades of green and yellow work well for older kids.

Light Colors

If your kid’s room is on the small side, light colors can help it feel bigger. Light colors can also be relaxing, leading to better sleep for both toddlers and teenagers. Depending on their personalities, you can pick from various lighter shades of the colors listed below.

  • Pale Green: With very few undertones of blue, light shades of green can create the illusion of more natural light in the room. This makes those paler shades of green a perfect choice for bedrooms that lack natural light through a window.
  • Lilac: A “true” purple with no undertones, lilac can look great as a nursery and then changed slightly to create a more sophisticated look for an older child or teenager.
  • Light Pink: For a kid’s bedroom, light pink will always be a classic color. It combines the benefits of enhancing relaxation. Not only that, it’s energizing and easy to update as your kids grow.

Perfect Paint Choices and the Perfect Painting Professionals

Have you chosen the perfect paint color for your kids’ bedrooms? Choosing a color that will last year after year is important if you don’t want to repaint the room regularly. With a professional paint company like Franca Services to complete the job, you’ll be able to achieve a high-quality, long-lasting paint job that will also stand up to your kids’ many phases. Plus, you won’t have to complete the job yourself. Contact us for a free consultation today.

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