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What is "wrapping windows"?

The term “wrapping windows” means that the window trims on a house that is having new vinyl siding on will be covered with “Trim Coil”. Read More ⇨

How to Solve Vinyl Siding Mold Problems

If your home is covered in vinyl siding, you get to enjoy it's fresh look for several months without the need for maintenance. However, as the months and years roll by, nasty green mold can become attached on the surface and grow there. Read More ⇨

Choosing the Right Siding – Considering Vinyl & Fiber Cement Siding Installations

Given the vast number of choices available to homeowners today, we receive a number of inquiries that amount to, “How do I choose the best siding for my home?” As a professional siding contractor in MA, we have gained an extensive amount of experience over the years Read More ⇨

How to Remove Ice and Snow from Composite and Wood Decking

Although the processes are similar, there are a few material-specific guidelines to consider when removing snow from wood decking vs. removing snow from composite decking in MA. Read More ⇨

A Short History of House Painting

Today, homeowners are well aware of the need to paint their homes. It’s something that must be done every so often as part of the regular maintenance of a house. Read More ⇨

Home Improvements with Best ROI to Ask Your Home Contractor About

According to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, 1/3 of homeowners are looking to increase their home’s value. However, certain home investments offer a better return on investment and these are the wisest upgrades you can ask you’re home contractor about. Read More ⇨

How to Identify a Poor Paint Job

Investing in new paint for your home is a big decision. The color of your walls will make an impression on each person that comes through your door… Make it a great one! Be sure to spend your money on a painting company that won’t skip the important steps in making your vision come to life. Read More ⇨

Ready to Replace Your Windows?

Consider either vinyl windows, fiberglass windows or wood windows for full replacement or new construction projects, your options are numerous. Read More ⇨

Building deck footings that will last

Franca Services is your best choice for a deck contractor in the Boston area. Contact us for your free quote today! Read More ⇨

Shiplap Siding

Although shiplap siding has been around for years, it is now at the forefront of contemporary decor. If you’re interested in this unique look for your home, be sure to call us for a quote so we can help make your vision come to life. Let’s learn more about shiplap siding and answer some of the questions you may have about it! Read More ⇨
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