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The Best Kitchen Paint Colors for Your Cabinets

The wrong color can make your kitchen look smaller or unbalanced – the right colors can enhance your cabinets and brighten your kitchen.

The wrong color can make your kitchen look smaller or unbalanced – the right colors can enhance your cabinets and brighten your kitchen. There are plenty of options to fit your personal style but there are some guidelines you should follow to achieve the best result. Here are some tips to help you choose the best kitchen paint colors to compliment your cabinets.


Coordinating Cabinet and Wall Colors

If you have a monochrome kitchen, the best compliment is obvious! White walls and white cabinets offer a simple and clean option. If you love the classic, natural beauty of wood cabinets or have chosen to paint them a brighter color, you’ll want to ensure the wall color is coordinated to create the right effect. Walls are easier and less expensive to change in color – painting cabinets is a time-consuming chore and replacing wood or cabinet doors is very expensive.

There are two main theories on coordinating wall and cabinet colors. Either you contrast in color to bring out the vibrancy of your cabinets, or you stay within the same color scheme as a neutralizing effect. Neither is right or wrong; choosing the right option depends on your style and goal.


Contrasting Wall and Cabinets

If you want your cabinetry to ‘pop’, using a contrasting wall color is an effective way to achieve this look. Try choosing colors that are opposite on the color wheel! For example, cherrywood cabinets have a reddish tone to them; across the color wheel are greens. A light shade of green can highlight the reddish hue of the cabinets. For golden colors of wood, shades of blue and gray can bring out the color of the cabinets. Using this contrasting method can brighten your kitchen and add fun dimension.


Matching or Neutralizing Kitchen Colors

Neutralizing is the opposite of contrasting. Neutralizing consists of matching your wall color to your cabinetry to harmonize your kitchen. With oak or golden wood cabinets, you could use a light yellow to match the golden color in the wood. You’ll want colors that are similar, but subdued, tone of your cabinets for your walls. This could be a tan, greige, rose, or other light colors that will highlight the cabinets and open up the kitchen space.


Dark Cabinet Ideas

If you have dark cabinets, you will likely want to stay away from dark walls. The walls will need to be lighter to make the cabinets look sleek, not overbearing. You could create a dramatic contrast by using white or a soft neutral color. Deep mahogany or espresso cabinets could pair well with a cool neutral, while woods with warm undertones could be paired with warm neutral colors. Get creative – Try espresso cabinets with a bluish-gray wall color for a cool tone, or cherrywood cabinets with a neutral blush or beige background.


Painting with Light Cabinets

If you have light-colored wood or painted cabinets, you have the most options for a complimenting wall color! The brightness of your cabinets allows you to go darker or bolder for your walls. You could try a bright yellow accent wall! Or go for a cooler look with navy or purple.

Are you thinking about changing the colors in your kitchen to give it an updated look? Find the best colors for your kitchen by talking to one of our painting experts at Franca Services. We can help you choose the right color for your walls to compliment your cabinetry. Give our office a call for a free quote on your next residential painting project. We offer exceptional quality and with almost 20 years of experience creating beautiful interiors for our customers in Massachusetts!

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