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Exterior Doors

Exterior doors of any type – front, back or patio, tend to be focus points for your home. It is not just about aesthetics – they also say quite a bit about the security and safety of your home. What you need to ask yourself is what are your exteriors...

Exterior doors of any type – front, back or patio, tend to be focus points for your home. It is not just about aesthetics – they also say quite a bit about the security and safety of your home. What you need to ask yourself is what are your exteriors doors saying about your home and you?


First and Lasting Impressions

Exterior doors are noticeable and leave a lasting first impression. Whether it is a garage door with peeling paint or a stunning, bright blue front door, both make an impression on anyone who sees them. Even if everything else about a house looks neat and well-maintained, a shoddy front door can detract from the overall beauty and style of a home. This is one of the reasons why maintaining your exterior doors is important.


All exterior doors are an opportunity to explore and show off your style. Investing in an elaborate front or garage door can enhance your entrance and increase the curb appeal of your home. However, you don’t need to spend a fortune to make a striking impression. While a fabulous wooden front door or carriage-style garage door can be impressive, just changing the color can also make a statement without costing a small fortune.


Accent Exterior Doors with Color

You may have noticed the trend of colorful exterior doors. A spot of bright color for the front door has continued to be popular, an inexpensive way to update your home’s style and keep your entrance looking new. If you have considered changing the color of your front door, considering what the color could say about your style:


  • Blue is inviting and friendly
  • Purple shows sophistication and luxury
  • Yellow is cheerful and optimistic
  • Orange can be quirky and unique
  • Bright green can indicate prosperity and peacefulness
  • Black is formal and glamorous
  • White indicates simplicity and cleanliness
  • Red can add excitement and intrigue


Simply changing the color of your exterior doors can give your home a quick burst of new life. It is perfect when you do not have the time or budget to spend on larger curb appeal enhancements. In one day, you can have a new look to match your current style and attitude.


Functional Statements: Safety and Security

While your exterior doors may get attention for their color and style, they are fundamentally important to the safety and security of your home. You want your exteriors doors to look inviting to your guests but also secure and imposing to those you wish to keep out. The “look” of a door can portray security or a lack of it. A poorly maintained door can be inviting to potential burglars or intruders. Not only should doors look sturdy and safe, they should also be secure.


A thin or flimsy compressed wood door or poorly maintained sliding patio door can be an invitation to criminals. It is not just that the door could easily be broken into, it shows a lack of overall attention to security. Criminals may assume if there has not been an investment in something as simple as an exterior door that there are other lacking areas of security. On the opposite end, a heavy, secure door may deter intruders looking for an easy target.


What Do Your Exterior Doors Say About You?

If you have not paid much attention to your exterior doors, you may want to take a fresh look. See your front or patio doors from the eyes of a first-time visitor or possible intruder. Are there scratches in the paint or wood? Is paint peeling or trim around the doors coming loose? Does your door look dull or unimpressive? If your door is not representing your style or imparting a look of security, it may be time to give it an update.


Stylish, Secure Front and Patio Doors

At Franca Services, we can help you update the look and security of your exterior doors. Whether your front door just needs a new coat of paint or you want to replace your exterior doors, we have fabulous options available. Our painting services are available for quick retouches of exterior doors or we install quality new doors to add style and safety for your home. Our selections include gorgeous wood doors of a range of styles and sizes for entrances, as well as hinged or sliding patio doors. All our doors offer exceptional security and insulation for your home, as well as impressive aesthetics.


If you are ready to improve the quality or appearance of your exterior doors, give us a call at Franca Services in Marlborough, MA. We offer free estimates for our painting and door installation services. Call us today to discuss the best options for enhancing the beauty and security of your exterior doors.


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