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5 Ways to Upcycle Your Leftover Paint

Because you probably bought an excess of paint so you wouldn’t run out during a larger project, this leftover paint can be used to give your home a new look, upcycle furniture, or even create artistic projects.

We’ve come up with a list of the top five ways to upcycle your leftover paint. Are you ready to play with color?

Accessorize Your Home

There are common accessories around your home that can be updated with a fresh coat of paint. For example, the wooden handles of kitchen utensils can be painted a solid color, or you can add design elements to a solid basecoat. You can use colors that match your kitchen décor or use contrasting colors to make them stand out.

Other accessories around your home may include wooden bowls or vases on shelves or your fireplace mantel. Why not paint the shelves, as well? When a shelf or accessory is a different color compared to others in the room, they become statements that draw your focus to them.

Colorful Frames

Chances are, you have some type of frames in your home. Everything from your favorite family photos in the living room to the frame around a medicine cabinet can become more visible in a new color. If you already have the paint lying around, why not give these frames a whole new look?

If you don’t already have some of your own, you may be able to find some used frames at a yard sale or secondhand store. With paint, you can create a wall centerpiece from frames you already have, too. Perhaps you have some laying around in storage – the same place you also keep that leftover paint.

Contrasting Colors

Contrasting colors are often used to make a bold statement. If your kitchen cabinets are on the plain side or could use a fresh coat of paint, why not use a bold, contrasting color to bring some fun and brightness into the room? Even a dining room table can be upcycled with fresh paint. Since you already have it, the project will usually cost very little or nothing at all.

Stamps, Stencils & Texture

Stamps and stencils are a fun way to breathe new life into aged furniture, a plain painted wall and more. Many different stamps are available at craft stores, but you may want to invest in strong sponges and cut them into the shapes you’d like to use.

Stencils are also available at many craft stores and come can come with several designs that follow a single theme. You’ll need to find stencils that work well with the type of paint you are using. You can find stenciling tutorials online that can help make the job easier. Just as with stamps, you can design your own stencils. Be sure you make them from a material that won’t soak up paint and bleed through to the wall or other surfaces.

An easy way to create a fun and unique look is to add texture. Using an unevenly shaped sea sponge dipped in a shallow pan of paint, you can create a dimensional look. This can be done with complementary colors, such as different shades of the same paint, or you can use a contrasting color. If you want to add texture to a large surface, such as a wall, there are paint rollers specifically designed to create a textured look over a solid basecoat that can make short work of the job.

Find Your Artistic Side

Household paints can be used for all types of artistic projects. For example, you could use a “pour painting” method on the top of a table, you could paint a wooden chest or tray or even paint pre-made wooden letters to spell out someone’s name. All of these projects use very little paint and are a great way to accessorize your home with a new look. They can even be given as fun, artsy gifts to friends and family.

If you can’t come up with any paint projects to use up that leftover paint creatively, the internet is a fantastic place to find inspiration, as well as instructions for the project. YouTube channels, Pinterest boards, and even Facebook groups are created for the sole purpose of sharing DIY craft projects using paint, leftover or not.

A Professional Eye for Great Ideas

One way to find ideas to put your leftover paint to use is to have a professional painter come to your home. They can look at the colors and types of paints you have on hand and point out great places around your home that would benefit from it. They can also get a feel for your personality or your family dynamics, making their ideas better represent those who live in the home. If you are ready to use up that old paint, call Franca Services and ask for an experienced home painter’s professional eye.

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