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What is Wrapping Windows

What does the term “wrapping windows” actually mean? It means that the windows will be covered or "wrapped" with "Trim Coil". It's typically done on homes where new vinyl siding is being installed.

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How to Clean Mold Off Vinyl Siding

Have you ever seen vinyl siding mold problems? That’s when you see green or grey stuff all over the vinyl siding of your house. It’s not a pretty sight, you are looking at an old enemy - mold, at it again!

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Fiber Cement SIding Installed Franca Blog

Is fiber cement siding worth it and does it increase value of a home?

The siding of homes here in the Greater Boston area has undergone many changes over the years – we have gone from wood to vinyl siding and now fiber cement is an extremely popular option. In fact, fiber cement has been declared by some as the best choice for home siding.

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