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How to Hire a House Painter. What to look for?

Investing in new paint for your home is a big decision. The color of your walls will make an impression on each person that comes through your door… Make it a great one! Be sure to spend your money on a painting company that won’t skip the important steps in making your vision come to life. Read More ⇨

How to Clean Mold Off Vinyl Siding

  If your home is covered in vinyl siding, you get to enjoy it for several months without the need for maintenance, however... as the months and years pass by, nasty green mold can become attached on the surface of your vinyl siding and grow there, giving you vinyl siding mold problems that look rather difficult to solve. Fortunately, it’s easier to treat these stains than mold growth inside the home, and you can choose to take care of it yourself or get the professionals to do it for you. No-body likes mold, especially on your house where everyone can see it. It’s important that you get rid of any mold as soon as possible because it can be harmful to your health and cause damages to your home. Read More ⇨

Insulated Vinyl Siding

The right home siding brings a good deal to the table, offering your home greater energy efficiency, substantial noise reduction, superior impact resistance, and remarkably – insulated vinyl siding is virtually maintenance free! Read More ⇨

Let's Compare Your Siding Options

Let’s first go over what siding is. Siding is an exterior cladding product designed to shed water and keep the exterior of your house protected against the weather elements. There are quite a few choices of siding such as Fiber Cement Siding (also known as Cement Board), Vinyl Siding, Insulated Vinyl Siding and Wood Siding (Clapboard or Wood Shingles).  Read More ⇨

What is "wrapping windows"?

If you live in Massachusetts you know how harsh the weather can get. Wrapping windows can be a perfect long-term solution to keeping your heating bills and your home exterior maintenance down. Read More ⇨

What to Look for During a Decking Replacement

At Franca Services, we offer our potential customers a free decking consultation to discuss the parameters of a project and all of the available options before signing any contracts. This practice gives us the opportunity to see a good number of decks that are in serious trouble. When we saw what this homeowner was contending with, we knew  Read More ⇨

Best New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

Maybe you want to lose weight, save money or spend more time with family and friends. But what about your home? Whether you’re getting ready to sell your home or just want to improve the place that you spend most of your time, we’ve created a list of the best new year’s resolutions you can make for your home this year. Read More ⇨

All of the 2020 Colors of the Year

Pantone established the Color of the Year as a way to educate the public about the relationship between color and what’s going on in the world. According to the VP of the Pantone Color Institute, Laurie Pressman, “with color and context so intertwined, there really are reasons why a color family or individual color comes into prominence when it does, and for the most part, the popularity of a color is symbolic of the age we are living in.” Many other paint companies now follow suit, debuting their own colors that they feel embodies where the world is going and the upcoming trends. We’ve brought together all of the 2020 Colors of the Year for the biggest paint companies for you to decide which color you think embodies the start of the new decade. Read More ⇨

What Color Should You Paint Your Ceiling?

But what about your ceiling? White is the most common choice and while white can be a good look, there are plenty of other colors that you can paint your ceiling depending on the look you’re going for and the type of room you’re painting. Paint Your Ceiling the Same Color as Your Walls If you’re considering painting your walls and ceiling the same color, keep in mind that Read More ⇨

Why Winter Is the Best Time to Paint Inside Your Home

But with these cold winter days presents a perfect opportunity to tackle interior house painting projects. Here are our top reasons why you should consider hiring a professional painting company to paint the inside of your home this winter. Read More ⇨
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