Wood Window Or Vinyl Window

Are you thinking of replacing a few windows, but do not know whether to choose vinyl replacement window or wood replacement windows? Maybe you are thinking of doing it yourself or want to avoid the cost of hiring a professional? Well, once you decide what kind of home you have, and what you want to achieve, its pretty easy and cost effective to make a decision that will be cost effective and a beautiful improvement for your home.

As a homeowner, it is crucial to make an informed decision after understanding the positives and negatives of vinyl windows vs wood windows.

Vinyl Window Frames vs Wood Window Frames

While making a decision you have to take into consideration the theme of your home. For example, if you have a home that already features wood windows, and has a general wooden theme, then new windows of wood will keep to the original theme that your home currently has. Vinyl windows and wood windows both have their advantages and disadvantages. There are lots of differences between vinyl windows and wood windows in terms of performance, cost, aesthetics and reaction to climate.

Vinyl Windows

Advantages: Vinyl windows are generally less expensive and do not require much maintenance. They do not require painting, and are normally not affected by moisture. If they have an insulated core, then they offer good thermal and sound resistance. They are considered to be the most popular replacement windows. This is an important point to take into consideration when debating on vinyl windows vs wood windows. Also, vinyl windows go very well with vinyl flooring. You can have many types of windows such as  replacement bow window, replacement bay window, vinyl double hung replacement, vinyl double hung new construction etc

Disadvantages: Though vinyl windows do not require too much maintenance, they do need an occasional round of window cleaning, and the hinges of vinyl windows also generally require lubrication from time to time. The colors for vinyl windows are mostly limited to white, tan and bronze. In relatively old houses, vinyl windows are not the best choice, because they cannot be painted and hence, will not go with the décor

Wood Windows

Advantages: Wood windows frames, bring richness and warmth to a room. They always add elegance to the decor. Also, unlike vinyl windows, you can paint wood windows in different colors to match your decor. Besides looking good, wood windows also offer very good insulation, and condensation is minimal. Most wood windows are available with complete weather stripping that act as excellent aids against exterior elements. And, like vinyl windows, they also act as a sound barrier.

Disadvantages: One very important disadvantage of wood windows is the required maintenance of painting the interior only because most of wood windows have cladding on the exterior such as Andersen 400 series, Anderson 200 series and Andersen replacement windows and Pella products.  You also have to guard them against staining, by going in for repeated window treatments. If you neglect the periodical maintenance, then it is likely to result in rotting and weathering of the window. Also, sometimes your wood window may imbibe moisture and swell up, because of which it maybe difficult to open or shut your window.