Zolatone, Scuffmaster, and Multispec Specialty Coating Applications

Fine Finishes for Durable, Attractive Results for Interior and Exterior Use

Many commercial painting jobs call for specialized coatings that will establish a beautiful and unique finish without sacrificing quality or durability. The application of coatings such as Zolatone, Scuffmaster, and Multispec require the use of the proper equipment and call for a high level of expertise. Unlike some other painting companies, these products are readily available at Franca Services. Our highly experienced staff members and project managers are familiar with these coating materials and their application techniques, which is one of the reasons we are an excellent choice for anyone seeking a specialty coating application professional painting contractor in Massachusetts. These are some of the specifics concerning each of the coatings.

commercial painting contractor in massachusettsZolatone

Applying Zolatone is a two-part process that involves a base coat topped with color flecks, and it results in a unique multicolor, textured coating. Zolatone is an ideal OEM and refinishing product because of its remarkable looks, substrate versatility, and camouflaging ability. It provides an exceptional coating upon a number of surfaces including wood, aluminum, plastics, ferrous metals, fiberglass, and ceramic. These products are low maintenance and provide durability that often outlasts other coatings, as it provides added protection against nicks, scrapes, scratches, and rust. Zolatone products: Counterpointe, Lluminations, Metal, Polymix, and Polymix Airless.

commercial and industrial paint company in massachusettsScuffmaster

As one of the leading high quality lines of painting applications for commercial interior applications, Scuffmaster provides dynamic architectural finishes. The durability of Scuffmaster products is widely known, and they can withstand daily use and deep cleaning for years without losing their remarkable look. These water-based interior paints can be used on a variety of surfaces, and Scuffmaster is an ideal alternative to traditional vinyl wall coverings. Scuffmaster products: Smooth Pearl, Solid Metal, EnviroMetal, Ambient Metallic, Ambient Design, Armor, and Scrub Tough.

commercial painting company in massachusettsMultispec

These decorative paints consist of flecks of color that subtly blend to achieve looks that are typically only found in nature, which gives a unique and attractive appeal to a variety of surfaces. Multispec applications are often used within interior spaces on floors, walls, ceilings, and trim. Concerning exterior surfaces, these products are only recommended for application on vertical surfaces that are not at risk for long-term water immersion such as basements and patio and pool enclosures. It also works effectively on materials like concrete, cinder block and other masonry. Multispec products: Stone Accents, Colorspec Tintable, Ultrafine Tintable, Watercolors, Multispec Fine Fleck, and Multispec MCT Clear Topcoat.


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