Install vinyl siding on a new home or re-siding an old one?

Whether you’re are going to install vinyl siding on a new home or re-siding an older one, the quality of the siding you choose is especially important. When selecting from the wide variety of durable, attractive, and affordable vinyl siding products, choose certified vinyl siding to ensure that your home will maintain its durability and beauty for years to come.

Through VSI’s Vinyl Siding Product Certification Program, manufacturers certify that vinyl siding products meet or exceed the industry standard ASTM D3679 for performance by undergoing a series of rigorous tests and inspections. As an additional demonstration of vinyl siding quality, manufacturers can also certify specific product colors under ASTM D6864 or D7251.

An accredited, third-party quality control agency conducts twice yearly, unannounced inspections and additional tests to evaluate vinyl siding products for:

• Color retention (where applicable)
• Weather ability, wind load, and impact resistance
• Expansion and shrinkage
• Surface distortion
• Length, width, and vinyl siding thickness verification

Certified vinyl siding such as Exterior Portfolio by Crane, Bellastone, Craneboard,   has always been available in a variety of attractive colors, and its colors can be certified to last. VSI’s Vinyl Siding Product Certification Program includes a “color retention” certification that allows manufacturers to verify that their solid and multi-hued colors meet or exceed the requirements of ASTM D6864 or D7251, the standards for solid color or multi-hued vinyl siding color retention.

Speaking about vinyl siding:

No matter what brand, style, or color of  vinyl  house you choose, you can be sure that certified products are high quality and made to last. If installed according to manufacturers’ instructions, vinyl siding certified through VSI’s program for quality will:
• Meet or exceed the industry standard for quality and performance.
• Meet or exceed one of the industry standards for color retention, and resist major color changes in a variety of climates (if certified for color retention).
• Withstand the impacts of recommended installation procedures.
• Meet manufacturers’ advertised specifications for length, width, thickness, and gloss.
• Lay straight on a flat wall and not buckle under normal conditions.
• Withstand the effects of sunshine, rain, and heavy winds of at least 110 mph.