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Top New England Spring Renovations & Post-Winter Exterior Home Repairs

Posted by Josilaine Lawrence

We’re on the cusp of springtime in the Boston area, and it’s time to assess how well your home’s exterior construction held up through the harsh New England winter. Perhaps your exterior siding installation requires repairs or replacement. Maybe your exterior painting is peeling, chipped, and becoming unsightly and you need a professional painting contractor to assist.

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Four Considerations When Screening a Professional Contractor in MA

Posted by Josilaine Lawrence

Perhaps you’re a homeowner in the Boston area preparing a springtime home renovation list or a business owner looking for reliable commercial contractor services in MA. The common ground shared by both parties is that you need to find a reputable and reliable local contractor – which can be more challenging than one might think.

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Home Improvements with Best ROI to Ask Your Home Contractor About

Posted by Josilaine Lawrence

Whether looking to make home improvements out of necessity, for personal enjoyment, or with the intent to sell in the future, making the right choice can affect the overall value of your home for the better. According to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, 1/3 of homeowners are looking to increase their home’s value. However, certain investments offer a better return than others, or ROI, and these are some of the wisest upgrades you can ask you home contractor in Massachusetts about.

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Benefits of Hiring Licensed and Insured Contractor in MA

Posted by Josilaine Lawrence

Cutting costs on a home renovation project might be tempting, but if a contractor gives you an estimate far below other competitors – you might want to inquire whether they are licensed, bonded, and insured. Even though it is against state laws, skimping on credentials is often the reason these companies can offer lower rates, and this could leave you holding the bag if something goes wrong before, during, or after the job.

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