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Four Considerations When Screening a Professional Contractor in MA

Posted by Josilaine Lawrence

Perhaps you’re a homeowner in the Boston area preparing a springtime home renovation list or a business owner looking for reliable commercial contractor services in MA. The common ground shared by both parties is that you need to find a reputable and reliable local contractor – which can be more challenging than one might think.

Questions to ask to a contractorContractor Screening: Essential Questions to Ask

1. Are you licensed and insured?

Any professional contractor in MA should be both insured and licensed not only for your protection and theirs, but in the best interest of their employees. Even a simple interior or exterior painting job can result in an accident, so don’t take chances with contactors without proper licensing and insurance, or you might find yourself or your insurance company held liable for resulting expenses.

2. Do they have verifiable references?

Don’t just ask for references – actually take time to contact personal references and ask them about their experience with the professional home or commercial contractor you are screening. Inquire about timeliness, job quality, and professionalism of crew members. Internet reviews can be sketchy and are often falsified. Believe only reliable sources that verify information, such as the Better Business Bureau when considering online reviews.

3. Do they offer free estimates for professional contractor services?

Don’t get roped into paying for an estimate for your MA exterior siding project, decking installation, commercial contracting services, or other improvement project. The most reputable and highly regarded contractor services in MA will provide you a free consultation and estimate on their services and consider it a privilege.

4. Do you like your project consultant, and do they share your vision?

The MA professional contractor you choose should be someone that your truly like and feel comfortable doing business with. You need a commercial or home contractor in MA that shares your vision of what you expect from your project. By selecting such a contractor, the lines of communication stay open and you are more likely to be pleased with the results.

Franca Services provides comprehensive professional contractor services in MA including interior/exterior painting, roofing installation, deck construction, siding services, and window construction. Contact us today for your free quote and consultation for commercial or residential contractor service.


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