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New Year’s Resolutions for Home Improvements in MA

Posted by Josilaine Lawrence

Facing the challenges of home renovations can be daunting, and the beginning of a new year is an excellent time to make a commitment to get those tasks handled by a professional contractor in MA or with a DIY spirit. Here are 4 top renovations and remodeling projects we are hearing homeowners discuss for a more beautiful and comfortable home in 2013.

Resolution #1: Roofing Repairs

When your home requires major roofing repairs or perhaps even an entire new roofing installation, taking action quickly is essential as these issues only get worse and can cause major damage to interior spaces. If you had problems before the winter began it is likely that you will have more damage after the winter storms and snow have taken their toll, and you need to call a professional roofing contractor for advice. On the bright side, you can choose from an array of colors and styles if you need to completely update your roof and have one less thing on that “honey do” list.

exterior painting contractor massachusettsResolution #2: Revamp Siding and Exterior Paint

Nothing freshens up the look and adds to the value of your home like a professional siding installation in MA. Whether you are seeking out resilient Hardiplank or affordable vinyl siding, you may not ultimately require the services of an exterior painting contractor. Many of the top exterior siding manufacturer’s offer their products in dozens of colors to compliment your home. Siding not in the budget this year? Then a good sanding some fresh exterior paint may be the ticket to success for 2013.

Resolution #3: Weatherization of Your Home

Fixing entry door installations and window leaks is often achievable with a few quick seal replacements, new weather stripping, or a fresh coat of caulk. However, there are certain situations where implements won’t close, have cracks, or have shifted because of a settling house. This is where professional window installation or door replacement specialist can help you decide exactly how much work is necessary to get you ready with doors and windows that will keep the elements where they belong.

Resolution #4: Improve Landscaping

A harsh winter can wreak havoc on your landscaping and the winter is the best time to plan and prepare for a new outdoor look in the springtime. Choose hardy and resilient native plants that complement your home and personal style. Consider making the most of your space using retaining wall bricks or series of terraces to allow climbing and blooming plants to stand out. For a true standout yard, consider the addition of a decking installation that will give your family a great gathering space in warmer months.

The Franca Services family wishes you had a wonderful New Year, and we’d love the privilege of assisting you with many of your home renovation resolutions in 2013. Contact Us for a Free Consultation for your home contractor needs in MA.

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