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How to Lower Winter Heating Bills this Winter – 5 Tips to Reduce Energy Use

Posted by Josilaine Lawrence

There are many simple ways to lower your heating bills this winter season, and many of these won’t cost you a penny – rather, these tips can help you enjoy greater home comfort and help you keep more of your money in the bank.

    1. Use Ceiling Fans Year Round

      Typically, in warmer weather months ceiling fans operate counterclockwise and push the air downward to provide a cooling breeze. In the winter, simply reverse the direction of the fan to clockwise, which moves hot air downward into living spaces and helps eliminate hot and cold spots in the home. The reverse switch is often located on the housing of the fan below the blades and above any lighting fixtures.

        2. Put a Damper on Fireplace Flue Leaks

          There’s nothing quite like a cozy fire on a chilly New England night, but your fireplace can allow as much as 20,000 cubic feet of warm air to escape your home while allowing cool air to flood inside. If you never use your fireplace, you can actually seal the chimney flue for the greatest prevention of heat and air loss; however, if you do enjoy utilizing it make sure to keep the damper closed when it’s not in use. Take time periodically to ensure that the seal on your flue fits tightly.

            energy saving tips3. Curtain Call

            In addition to ensuring that your window installations in MA are properly weather stripped and sealed up tight, you can use window treatments to make a big difference your home heating costs. Insulated curtains reduce energy use and loss by impeding drafts and they also help block sound. Consider choosing curtains with high-density foam or acrylic backing with a reflective film that directs heat into the room. On sunny days, keep the curtains open to raise room temperatures and close them at night to retain the heat.

            4. Water Considerations

            According to the Dept. of US Energy, you can lower your energy costs by 2 to 5% simply by lowering your water heater by 10 degrees. Typically, water heater thermostats are preset to 140 degrees, but most people don’t require water that hot. An ideal temperature for general use is approximately 120 degrees. Lowering your preset temperature is not something you are likely to notice during your showers, but you likely will see a difference when the utility bill arrives. Furthermore, lower temps help your water heater operate more efficiently which helps reduce corrosion and sediment accumulations.

            5. Lower the Thermostat

            If you don’t already have a smart programmable thermostat, you should consider getting one. These are low cost and quite simple to install for those with even minimal handyman skills can save a bundle in the long run. However, just by lowering the thermostat you already have by one degree can save you up to 5% on your heating bills. So, just a few degrees can make a huge difference without maintaining an Arctic climate in your home.


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