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Home Improvements with Best ROI to Ask Your Home Contractor About

Posted by Josilaine Lawrence

Whether looking to make home improvements out of necessity, for personal enjoyment, or with the intent to sell in the future, making the right choice can affect the overall value of your home for the better. According to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, 1/3 of homeowners are looking to increase their home’s value. However, certain investments offer a better return than others, or ROI, and these are some of the wisest upgrades you can ask you home contractor in Massachusetts about.

Vinyl Siding Replacement: A new vinyl siding installation can greatly enhance the aesthetic appeal of any abode and is available in a vast selection of colors and textures. Coming in at number one with a purported 89% ROI, vinyl siding and it’s counterparts are growing in popularity nationwide. Options including vinyl insulated siding offer energy saving benefits, rugged durability, and generous warranties.

saving energy window replacement home improvementVinyl Replacement Windows: One of the most functional updates that improves energy efficiency certainly lies in replacement window installations. Boasting close to an 85% return on investment, today’s windows are more efficient, versatile, and affordable than ever. Energy Star windows, custom encasements, and bay windows are excellent touches that further enhance the value of your home.

Roofing Replacement: Another solid investment that keeps your home comfortable and safe from the elements is a solid roof. Roofing replacement in MA can bring as much as an 84% ROI, but this can be more particularly if you opt for elegant designer shingles. Beyond standard shingles, roofing material selections have become extensive allowing homeowners more freedom to choose a crown for their home that lets it stand apart from others.

Deck Construction: With a 73% average ROI, new decking installations in MA provide a unique appeal to any home. A place to enjoy with the family in the great outdoors, decks and patios can also convince a buyer to shell out some extra cash. Whether installing a wood deck or a low-maintenance composite decking and railing system, deck constructions are a solid investment.

The professionals at Franca Services are ready to offer you a free home consultation to assist you in choosing the home improvements that will bring you the great return both financially and personally. Contact us today!

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