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3 Tips That Helps You to Protect Your Home in Case of A Hurricane

Posted by Josilaine Lawrence

As Hurricane Sandy, a Category 1 (winds 74-95 mph) is moving towards our New England coast, it's a reminder to homeowners in areas exposed to such destructive storms that they should always have measures in place to protect their homes from such severe weather.  Here, three simple things that can help you protect your home:

garagedblueBrace your garage door to prevent more-extensive damage. About 80 percent of residential hurricane damage starts with wind entry through garage doors, according to the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes. A cheap way of reinforcing your garage is to use plywood or steel.

Secure your windows and doors. Storm shutters can cost $50 to $60 per square foot of window. You can also use plywood shutters. According to the Red Cross, these shutters can offer a high level of protection if you install them properly. But make sure the plywood is at least 3/4 inch thick.

Secure your stuff. If you have furniture and other outdoor equipment on your patio or deck, bring them inside when strong weather threatens. Don't forget trash cans, grills, toys, potted plants, and even your Halloween decoration. Keep them from becoming flying objects that can cause additional injury or damage during storms with high winds.

We know there is a whole lot more things that can be done when times like this comes, but be informed and precaucious is the key. Also be sure to check NOAA to get more information on preparedness.

Be safe everybody!