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Innovative Designs by Franca Services Trek Deck Builders in MA

Posted by Alan Franca

trex deck contractors in massachusetts

We encounter a number of situations where a customer is so pleased with the progression and amazing results of their project that they decide to get an estimate on additional work before we wrap things up. This was the case with this Hudson, MA client, whose home was undergoing a complete installation of Crane Premium Pointe 360 vinyl siding, as well as a beautiful application of Versetta Stone Veneer on the chimney. The customer had been sketching ideas for a small landing deck at the back door of the dwelling, but wasn’t quite satisfied that the concept was exactly what they wanted. As you can see in the photo, their current wooden steps were simplistic and featured no safety railing whatsoever, and they significantly affected the overall aesthetic appeal of the home.

Trex Decking Contractor Massachusetts

Our clever Trek Deck installers looked at the homeowner’s sketches and readily offered a few design suggestions to help the client meet all of their goals. Making the deck appeal larger than its 5x7 actual size and creating a secure railing for the steps were the priorities. You can see in the graphic insert that the customer’s original idea was to build two individual staircases allowing for easy access from all directions. However, we suggested that leading to the landing with one open set of stairs could serve the same purpose, and simultaneously give the deck a larger visual appearance.

Trex Decking Contractor in Massachusetts

Our customer really liked the idea, and they were ever more pleased to hear that substantially less railing would be required, thus reducing the overall cost of the project. With an agreement made, we constructed the deck and stairs with ultra-durable, low maintenance Trek Transcend Decking, and you can see that the finished product exceeded even the homeowner’s expectations. The new stairs and landing along with the new back deck complement the home’s exterior, and the contrasting white hues on the risers truly create a standout look!

At Franca Services, we love to come up with clever ways to make our client’s projects even more dynamic than they ever imagined, and we work hard to go beyond the call of duty. Our Trek Deck builders in MA are truly inspired by their passion for constructing remarkable decks and stairways for our customers. If you are considering installing new vinyl siding, Versetta Stone Veneer, or a new deck, call us today and schedule your free project consultation.