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Innovative Hardiplank Siding Styles Can Add Appeal to Small Exterior Spaces

Posted by Josilaine Lawrence

When you realize the numerous benefits of installing Hardiplank Siding and wisely decide on an install, you may wonder how to handle the gables or other small architectural variances present on your structure. In actuality, these sections are an excellent place to take advantage of the innovative James HardieShingle Siding to create a unique charm that complements the overall appearance of the finished product. Here are two projects Franca Services tackled recently that exhibit how you can enjoy these sophisticated looks with the same amount of work as traditional siding.

fiber cement siding contractor boston massachusettsThe first project involved installing new James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding on the client’s commercial structure. This particular client loved the look of the James HardieShingle Straight Edge in Harris Cream for the primary application areas. However, they really wanted the gable area to stand out and complement the building. We suggested that instead of using the same product style on the gable, to consider the HardieShingle Half-Round profile in order to get a more finished appearance. The photograph you see represents the remarkable results of the project.

Concerning the second project, this residential customer had a unique home with multiple gables present, and we took the opportunity to introduce the owners to James Hardie Fiber Cement Staggered Singles ColorPlus with 6-inch exposure. Ultimately, the decision was to use this product in a Monterrey Taupe color to accent their primary siding color selection. As you can see in the photograph, just a small change in product style and color truly allowed the structure’s distinctive architecture to shine.

fiber cement siding massachusetts

As a James Hardie Installer in Massachusetts, we are prepared to offer you advice on how this innovative product can easily transform the aesthetics of your home or commercial enterprise’s exterior. Our expert installation staff possesses the skills to help you select the right hues and product styles that will convert your small spaces into the highlight of the building. For a free consultation on your siding project call us today at (508) 481-0150 or use our contact form.