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What It Takes To Be a Good Commercial Painting Company in Massachusetts

Posted by David Franca

At Franca Services, commercial painting means much more than painting or repainting the exterior of a house, much more than getting the interior walls of a living room painted with some built-ins. We get to know every detail of a project so that we are able to deal with different kinds of built walls, such as: metal, stucco, precast, brick, or CMU. And these could be walls of an office building or a complex of apartments, where we would have to be spraying hundreds of gallons of paint on a total area of 100,000 sf, for example.

commercial painting company ma

Above, a project recently completed at Charlesgate
West, Boston MA. Metal stairs, windows frame
and concrete walls were painted.

Today, after all these years that Franca services has been delivering residential and commercial painting, we can totally see the difference between these two segments. The market of commercial/ industrial painting is much more aggressive then just bidding on a 2,000 sf house or a staining deck project.
Only a well established company with a good structure, that knows how to handle things behind the desk and out there while delivering the job, can be recognized in the market as professional commercial painters by general contractors, builders, developers, architects, and even by competitors.

The commercial painting segment is very broad and sometimes, it is really difficult to work with. A good painting company has every available means to get a job done, and by saying it we mean that, it should be able to deal with different types of surfaces to be coated, tight schedules and a tight time-frames, together with the ability of dealing with any inconvenient surprises in order to keep up with the baseline schedule construction given by the general contractor to have a project, that can meet the original budget, done right. All of it should not be a problem for a good painting company.
With all these barriers to be crossed, at Franca Services we count on our full-time committed staff that is able to answer any calls and address any questions or concerns. We also count on estimators that are trained and qualified in reading Blue Prints or PDF files to properly provide the best price for the best value. Our project managers are able to run a project using the specs given by architects and at the same time ensuring quality, safety and the time-frame to have it accomplished.
If you need a commercial painting job done on your office building, college, restaurant, condominium complex, church, golf club, metal structure, food service plant, hospital, warehouse, retail store, or on your waterproof building, please call us at (508) 481-0150 or send drawings to we will be more than happy to give you a free estimate on your commercial painting project.