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Replacement Windows, which one looks best?

Posted by Alan Franca

If there is one thing you can do to save your money is to get new energy efficient windows installed. Either vinyl window, fiberglass window or wood window in full replacement or new construction window, your options are numerous.

Here we have one simple example, of one of the options, that you may think about when you are ready to replace your windows. Today, most of the houses have on its front elevation some kind of window combination. This combination, we are talking about, would be a triple unit window with two double hung windows (one on each side) and a picture window in the middle. In this case, of a window combination, you can get your window replaced as ONE whole unit or THREE units separated.

“What do you mean?” you may ask; Well, if you have new windows installed as ONE unit, the double hung and picture window will come mulled  from the manufacturer, on the other hand, if you have THREE separated units, they will need to be installed individually. Does it make any difference? Yes it does.

Why? Please, take a closer look at the pictures below from two different window projects of ours. The picture # 1 shows us the window that was replaced as THREE separated units. Please notice that, between the double hung and the picture window, the existing framing between the windows remained in place.

replacement windows contractor in ma

Picture # 2 shows us the window before and after it had been replaced, and if you can notice, the existing framing between the window is no longer there. That is because it is a full unit mulled.

replacement windows contractor in ma

On picture # 1, the interior wood casing does not need to be replaced but on picture # 2 it does need it. It needs the replacement because once you remove the frame, the extension jambs on the bottom and top of the window will be short. In case it is short, you may have to get another wood trim run over in the gap as well.

Both options work, but which one is the best for you? - Well, it depends on your taste.

What do YOU think?

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