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Protect you new deck with flashing - Deck Contractor in MA

Posted by Alan Franca

Braking a concrete patio to build a new deck could be challenging and it really was for this particular new deck project. It took us three days to break through the concrete of it and clear the area to start digging the footings, but when I thought we were done, another problem came up.

Whoever built the patio previously did not use any kind of flashing. What I mean is that the patio was against the wall and there was not any kind of barrier between the patio and the wall, so within time, ice and water were running in between them and accumulating there, as a consequence, the Bottom Plate of the house was complete rotten (see below).Deck Contractor in MA

The answer to the rotten bottom plate was simple, right? All you have to do is to get the bottom plate replaced. Well, the problem was simple too: the wall was built on the top of the bottom plate.

So we got to the basement and using a hydraulic jack we raised the floor joists, which raised the wall about 1/8” hight, and it was more than enough for what we needed. Then, we cut the rotten part of the wall and replaced for new Pressure Treaded (PT) wood. Only after that, we did the most important thing: the flashing! So, we ran a vapor barrier (Grace Ice and Water Shield) on the entire wall, and to get it even more protected, we did an aluminum flashing (see Picture 2).

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Would you like to know why we had all that done? It is simple: we did not want the homeowner to worry about that same problem ever again. After that we finish the deck footings and we installed the new front deck.

If you want to have a new deck built, do it right, hire a company that knows what to do, this way you get it done only once and you are going to be satisfied with it, trust Franca Services!

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