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Using James Hardie Shingles Siding to create a style for your home!

Posted by Alan Franca

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If there is one thing we could say about the houses in New England, is that they have lots of windows. We could say that 99% of the houses have at least one window in each wall. It is very unusual to see the whole wall of a house without any windows, but it happened to us.

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We once got this particular fiber cement siding project of a house, where the wall was built very high, approximately thirty feet (see side picture), without any windows on it, and to make it more challenging, it was right on the front elevation of the house.

The customer decided to use James Hardie Fiber Cement Lap Siding ColorPlus with 5 inches exposure, so we started to strip all the existing wood siding and the first question the homeowner asked us was - “what about this wall?! What could we do to make it nicer instead of just installing the new fiber cement siding on the entire wall?”
Our answer was - “we could split the wall into two sections using James Hardie ColorPlus Trim Board, and from that point up, we can use another James Hardie style”. That is right! In this case we choose James Hardie Fiber Cement Staggered Shingles ColorPlus with 6 inches exposure. 

fiber cement siding contractor boston ma The homeowner picked a color tone close to the color he had already chosen for the James Hardie Lap Siding, and after we had installed all the new siding, the result was very, very nice! The customer liked it so much that he wanted to use it in three more sections of his house: the gable on the garage and above it (see picture), and another gable on the left elevation of the house. See more pictures of this project here.

Sometimes to make your house look nicer, as the house of this customer, little and not high costly changes can be done, so that it will not cost more than what you contracted and the siding installer will have to do the same amount of work.

At the end of the project, we had compliments from all the neighbors around our customer's house. And the most important of all was that our customer was very happy and we had the greatest felling of "mission accomplished"!

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