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Is your house siding (or building) paint peeling off? Exterior Painting Contractor

Posted by David Franca

If yes, you might be having a moisture problem.lead paint peeling- paint contractor in ma
This is something very common, we usually see it a lot in the spring and summer time, just because it is when we can actually see all the consequences from our strong winter.

If your house or building had any leaking on the roof or even any area where the water is traveling towards and throughout the walls, chances are that it is contributing to moisture issues.

That is what happened when we first arrived at Saint Mary’s Church in Holliston, MA. We knew they were having a moisture problem, and we can still remember how Father Mark was trying to tell us why the church was peeling off and also how often they had to have it painted over the last 10 years.

Well, if you think a good painting company or even a good paint over moisture can resolve the problem, we are sorry to inform you that it is wrong. It is almost impossible for any company or painter to do that.

exterior painting company maAny surface, that has a moisture problem, will never hold on paint, just because of the simple fact that the moisture is going to push the paint away in order to get out, and that makes the paint crack and eventually it will peel off.

Well, guess what? For the church, we worked with a product that you might not know yet. It is called the Wedge Vent System. The Wedge Vent System allows the siding to “breath”, it actually creates a space in between the clapboards, so that all the moisture that is behind the siding can get out. Believe it or not, the main key in this kind of job is the Wedge Vents. You probably have doubts about it, and we do not blame you, since we did not believe in it when we first found out, but here is what we did: we used it at the church, and it worked so well that we have been using it ever since.

request free replacement windows quote buttonBut remember, an exterior painting job needs to be done by a painting company that really knows what to do. The Wedge Vent cannot do the job by itself. So, if you are looking for a paint job that will last longer, you should really consider going over the scope of work as far preparation, with whichever paint company you decide to hire. It is always best to stripe down to the bare wood rather than just scrape off the paint. In this particular job at the church, we stripped to the bare wood and the products selected to be used at Saint Mary’s Church were all from Sherwin Williams.

The Saint Mary's Church is definitely one of our favorite jobs, even now when we drive by and look at it, it seems like the job was done a year ago. But guess when we did? Four years ago.

Another element that excited us to get this job done was LEAD paint. Would you like to know why? I will talk about it in the next blog.