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Marvin now offers a new line of windows: Integrity Fiberglass Window
and has two series:All Ultrex Series  and  Wood-Ultrex Series.

Why Franca offers Marvin Fiberglass Window?

We want to offer to our customers more strength, durability and performance windows and these benefits are offered by Integrity from Marvin Windows.
Integrity Marvin Fiberglass Window is made with Ultrex: tough, dependable, non-corrosive and low-maintenance; it's eight times stronger than vinyl; expand as virtually same rate as glass and one square inch of Ultrex could hold the weight of eleven cars, which means Ultrex has the same strength of STEEL. In fact,  is actually used as a replacement for steel rebar.

Ultrex stands up to rain, wind, heat, time - looking beautiful and performing well long after other window materials have lost they luster. Ultrex resists distortion at temperatures up to 350° F and even rapid temperature change doesn't faze it. A patented high performance coating process, superior to anything else on the market, puts down a heavy acrylic finish: no pin-holes, no striations, no chalking, no fading, no scratching, no UV degradation - no worries!

  • 8x stronger than vinyl

  • 15+ years of advanced composite expertise

  • 833% less expansion than vinyl

  • The strength of STEEL

  • Patented finish that EXCEEDS AAMA 623

  • Proprietary pultrusion technology proven composite performance

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Low E

LoE stands for "low emissivity" and is designed to improve thermal performance. LoE glass is coated with microscopic metal or metallic oxide layers to reflect or absorb the sun's warmth, as well to reduce the damage from UV rays.

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Ultrex is made primarily of silica sand, an abundant natural resource, and recycled glass content. Plus the glass on Marvin Windows also contains 15%-33% recycled content. Additionally Ultrex requires 39% less energy to be produced than vinyl and features a patented finish that exceeds AAMA 623 requirements.