Architectural Essentials™

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To complete the look, give your home a polished, yet handcrafted appearance. Whether you’re creating clean contrast or matching harmony, Architectural Essentials™ has three accent categories of trim products to give you distinctive detail – Window & Door Trim, Corners, and Decorative Trim.

The Architectural Essentials™ Accessories collection provides you with a wide selection of accents, from a decorative three-piece corner post system to stately crown molding and a broad Band Board. All are engineered to fit smoothly with any design style you choose from Exterior Portfolio®.

Each of the accessories below come in different color options, so please confirm our representative which colors are available for the products of your choice.

Windows & Trims

These extraordinary accents do much more than keep the wind from seeping in around doors and windows. Made to match or provide striking contrast, Architectural Essentials™ Window & Door Trim provide both beautiful focus and decorative accent while allowing for more design possibilities.

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 5" & 3.5" Window
 Window Crown
 Integral Window &
Door Trim

Decorative Trims

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         Batten Mold Trim             Finish Board           Crown Molding

Corners Systems

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5.5' Corner Post

vinyl siding installation services in ma

3-Piece Corner System