Apartment Complexes, Townhouses and Condominium

Professional Approach to Painting

Residential communities need a professional painting company in Massachusetts that respects the property and privacy of the people who live there. You can count on our friendly staff to operate by the strictest protocols in efforts to ensure that residents are never inconvenienced. We understand that performing work such as painting for apartment complexes often involves having all aspects of the project approved by several entities, such as neighborhood committees and property management companies. Part of our job when we take on your assignment is to address these groups’ questions and concerns thoroughly, which is why we enjoy a solid relationship with numerous residential communities in MA. Our project managers work hand in hand with all concerned parties by outlining the logistical details involved, as well as provide useful and balanced advice concerning the entire project. The project manager supervises all work performed to ensure the highest quality and see that the project stays on schedule. We are happy to make a daily report to requested personnel concerning each day’s progress and to discuss any issues that may arise.


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Interior Painting

Whether you desire painting for the interior of units, entryways, lobbies, hallways, or common structures, we have the tools and expertise to make it reality. We specialize in a variety of roller and brush application styles and can create memorable interiors using stains, varnish, and specialty finishes. Franca Services fosters Green painting practices and offers several options of Low VOC and Zero VOC paints in addition to limitless colors of the most reputable name brands in the industry. Every task on the property can be handled according to your design specifications and can be scheduled to take place at times of your resident’s convenience. Our willingness to go the extra mile has made us the number one choice for apartment property managers seeking commercial painting contractors in Massachusetts.

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Exterior Painting

Our extensive services can be custom fit to meet the needs of any type of structure, and we are knowledgeable and experienced in providing expert commercial painting contractor services for cluster units, duplexes, townhouses, and high-rise style communities. We offer an extensive selection of the highest quality paints on the market, including commercial green paint options. At Franca Services, we can even handle intumescent fireproofing and retardant coatings on both the interior and exterior of your apartment community, which provides additional protection for all residents. Our highly trained staff is also able to take care of any elastomeric weather proofing, sealant applications, and pressure washing throughout the complex that you might require. You will be hard pressed to find a commercial painting contractor in Massachusetts that can handle all your exterior apartment painting needs with the diligence and reliability of Franca Services.

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